1.5: Errors & Console – p5.js Tutorial

In this video, I take a look at the p5.js console and error messages.

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20 thoughts on “1.5: Errors & Console – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. Zamfir Nicoale says:

    Stop speaking faster, this doesn't make you smarter or interesting. It's a tutorial.

  2. Yogesh Jadhav says:

    I made a line and ellipse,but when i write strokeweight(4),the whole ellipse got dissappear.error is showing strokeweight is not defined…

  3. Ebrelus says:

    I like the guy. But i hate the way he does things. He uses censorship.
    You can't comment anything on his channel. So he is a totalitarian. He
    isn't a openminded person. He blocks any content which is not his
    thinking. What is simply disgusting and undemocratic. But this might me
    related to Google monopoly. If you endorse google monopoly you endorse
    censorship. Be wary of that. This is the new reality we are living in. A fkg bell

  4. Neeti says:

    Hats off The best teacher on youtube!

  5. Rosey Wolf says:

    I'm new to P5 and I'm just really mad about the errors I don't understand anything and I just can't understand anything I'm completely new to coding and I just want to learn it so bad rn

  6. Prince says:

    best playlist on youtube ever

  7. Saurabh Gupta says:

    you are the best teacher for coding

  8. MUSICAL OCEAN says:

    thank you so much for teaching about p5 js web editor
    a good teacher for that
    once again thank you

  9. Thelava god says:

    4:12 unicornMagic xD

  10. Deepthi 1111 says:

    What if i put mouseY in place of mouseX?

  11. Gayatri Gongada says:

    even if I remove semicolon in draw function at the end of ellipse why am i not getting syntax error?
    and can pls tell me where can check line wise code execution for p5


    Amazing tutorial

  13. Henry says:

    Went a little bit ahead with some awesome moving shapes! https://editor.p5js.org/HenryHell0/full/LeyRLAa_W

  14. bindas tech says:

    hey please can you tell how to make a infinite moving photo as backgruond because i want to make a monkey go happy game in which i want a infinite moving background
    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Record Gaming says:


  16. Ker Hab says:

    I type "print()" while it was updating in realtime…the print tab didnt closee

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