10 Animation Errors In The Loud House

10 mistakes in the Loud House you might have missed.
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We love watching “The Loud House” on Nickelodeon, one of the best TV shows ever. And after watching this kids’ cartoon too many times, we noticed a lot of mistakes that the animators made. This is why we are showing you 10 Animation Errors in “The Loud House.” Make sure you watch this video until the end to know why the story doesnt really make sense sometimes.

We understand why animators sometimes forget about little details when they work on a kids’ cartoon. One of them is the eyelashes. We noticed that they disappeared for no reason a lot of times in the first episodes. The characters also have very unique teeth, but they don’t always look the same. The animators probably thought that we wouldn’t notice, but we still think that it is a mistake.

Sometimes, what we see doesn’t make sense at all. This is what happened when Lincoln Loud came back home, and his sisters were really upset. When he opened the door, Lola and Lana were on the left and Lisa and Lily were on the right. But then, when we looked inside the house, Lily and Lisa were on the left and Lana and Lola were on the right. That’s one big mistake that we noticed!

Stay tuned to see more mistakes in “The Loud House” like the strange body parts, the plans that don’t make sense, the accessories that disappear, things that don’t work in the background, and more. Did you notice any other animation errors in this cartoon? Don’t be shy to tell us what it was in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think!

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43 thoughts on “10 Animation Errors In The Loud House”

  1. Other mistake in tents debate lynn is infront of a chair with lily but when she tells leni that the bet was a tie she is infront of leni then when linclon was talking she was back where she were!!!

  2. when you Lori and Lincoln went to pick up Alem e Lori was eyelashes were disappeared I saw the clip I was watching and then they'll just and then they disappear Laura eyelashes when they went to pick

  3. So what if lincoln's bag wad brown instead of blue in one episode maybe he just needed a spare one cuz his other bag was broken

  4. I relized that only a couple episodes showed the older sisters at the grown up table for example House of lies Lisa goes to the grown up table

  5. Sorry it's so Clips there's no eyelashes and also has some clips they don't have eyelashes when they close their eyes can you explain that because they close their eyes they do not meet because we always just do not appear when they close their eyes animators would have saw that immediately but they just closed their eyes so they cannot see the eyelashes

  6. By the way what do you mean Lincoln was smiling Lincoln was literally frowning out of fear I watch The Run reglue watch the clip 10 billion times and I saw him frowning

  7. In one of the videos the funny daughter spoon was upside down and the food wasn't falling how crazy is that maybe is it because she's funny or is it they forgot to do it up

  8. In home-spun When they were talking about the flood in the basement then Lori said "im not swimming in gross basement water" you can see Lori's ear ring was on the left and on the right BUT when Lynn said "Hey Lori I found you missing ear ring!" and it was white BUT both of Lori's ear rings WAS WHITE AND LORI WAS WEARING BOTH OF THE SAME!?!?!

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