10 Secrets Walmart Doesn't Want You To Know (Part 2)

Here’s a list of 10 secrets Walmart doesn’t want you to know (part 2). Walmart is amazing, they offer great deals and quality products, but these are 10 secrets Walmart hides from you!
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When it comes to giant retailers, Walmart is a cut above the rest. It is the largest private employer in the US. And its annual revenue is in the hundreds of billions. That’s the budget of a small European country. But not everything is rosy for the large corporation. No company wants anything out there that would tarnish its image. So let’s uncover 10 Secrets Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Know (Part 2).

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0:28 Owned by a Wealthy Family
1:49 Day-Old Bread is just as Yummy
3:00 Cheap Labor
4:24 The Sweet Dollar Deals
5:31 Walmart and the Cops
6:55 Free Shipping Obviously
7:58 Win the Price Wars
9:09 Seek the Coupons
10:26 It’s all in the Price Tag
11:50 New Parents get Free Stuff

– The first fact about Walmart relates to the owners. Understandably this is one nugget the wealthy family wouldn’t like to get around. But it’s not exactly a secret that the Waltons own the large retailer which makes them the richest family in the world.
– That was a dark start. So let’s turn our attention to something that would benefit you if you shop at Walmart. It’s about bread. We all love the smell of fresh bread. But living in a city makes the chance of seeing fresh bread coming out of the oven as rare as spotting a unicorn strolling down Times Square.
– We’ve talked before about big corporations running overseas sweatshops and sometimes utilizing child labor to cut down on costs and increase their profit. A quick Google search will yield plenty of scandals of this type. But what’s new here is that you don’t need to go overseas to find cheap labor.
– We mentioned that if you know where to look you can find a loaf of bread selling for one dollar at Walmart. Luckily there’s no cheap labor involved here and the low prices are part of a marketing campaign to attract customers.
– We all try to love and respect the police. From a distance, that is. Nobody likes to have a cop tailing them. On the road, a police car is always better ahead of you than behind you. This is not a reflection of a guilty conscience.
– This is one nifty trick that many people may not know about and will save you a lot of money and time while you’re shopping. If you like to shop online, you’ll be pleased to know that Walmart delivers your purchases to your home free of charge.
– One of the best things about Walmart is that it allows you to keep the change on your coupon. Say you have a $10 coupon and you made a purchase for $8.35, that leaves you with $1.65. Walmart will let you keep that dollar, 65 cents and use it in future shopping.
– This is definitely a secret that Walmart wouldn’t want you to know about. It has to do with the price tag code the company uses. When you see a new item on the shelf such as a lamp or toaster, you might be tempted to buy it before it gets picked by other customers.
– This is definitely a secret that Walmart wouldn’t want you to know about. It has to do with the price tag code the company uses. When you see a new item on the shelf such as a lamp or toaster, you might be tempted to buy it before it gets picked by other customers. But that’s not usually a good idea.
– As we mentioned before, not all big corporations are evil. And not all their marketing strategies are aimed at snaring the customers and fleecing them. Certainly not this one, which is a good practice by the giant retailer.

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32 thoughts on “10 Secrets Walmart Doesn't Want You To Know (Part 2)”

  1. Ten gallons of gas and a bottle of propane
    I took the lighter off my grill and I still can't
    Say for certain that this thing'll blow.
    But if it does I'm gonna be the first one to know.
    I'm thinkin' bout burnin' it down, boys
    Thinkin' bout burnin' it down
    Nothin's ever gonna be the same in this town
    I'm thinkin' bout burnin' the Walmart down.

  2. I just ran across this. The first part of this video is BS. Most of the people that work at Wal-Mart are not worth $15.00 an hour. This is one of the few jobs they are qualified for, and they should be happy they are getting minimum wage. If they got paid what they are worth, they would be making MUCH less than that. The fast food industry is the same way. If they can't get an order right, they are not even worth minimum wage. Then there is the fact that the square root of the number of employees are doing half of the work. Companies should find those that are doing most of the work and pay them more. Also, convicts are NOT forced to do anything. They do it to make a little money where otherwise they would have NONE along with passing time and trying to shorten their time in prison. You are really dumb.

  3. It's all smart business practices. That's why Walmart is such a nationwide powerhouse. It is what it is!

  4. Just started at Walmart, and I always thought it was the devil…its the greatest employer I've ever had! Yeah there's terrible things but this is the first job thats given me 2 fifteen minute breaks and an hour lunch.

  5. The more automated walmart gets, the trashier and trashier it gets.
    Nothing in stock or little to nothing available.
    Cheap and Lazy employees who give customers massive attitudes.
    Support Publix, they know how to treat their customers.

  6. Y’all realize that prisoners are in prison meaning that they don’t need hella pay they pay at Walmart is usual pay for prisoners

  7. Thanks good I get rid of many product I don't buy anything canned. I bought my own veggies and I make my own food and my own bread also my own cheese and my own mayonnaise and my own ketchup and so on.

  8. Walmart has a Security company that they contract through, or Bronsen Security is connected to Walmart. I've seen Walmart security harass Senior Citizens, the disabled, etc.
    and accuse them of taking something even after they were shown the receipt. I wonder how many Lawsuits have come from that, being that Seniors and Disabled are poor & can't afford an Attorney…..OR that could be why they target them.

  9. How the hell is it unjust to force prisoners to work? They're in prison; it's not supposed to be happy. As long as they're not being harmed whats the problem?

  10. so walmart has free public paid for security, by using out police force,, what a crock of shit.. they are a public servant not to be used by profitable companies..

  11. This is full of lies and fake news. 1. No Walton has been on the board in years. Sure the members of the family own stock but a lot of people do to. You have 401k you own Wal Mart. 2. Not one fact was presented to show prisoners are used for Wal Mart labor. 3. Wal Mart calls police because PEOPLE BROKE THE LAW!

  12. This video is so true I worked for Walmart for three years everything this video is saying is true

  13. You just sound salty because you got fired from Walmart because you didn’t wanna work as a Walmart employee I am being paid almost $16 an hour working 8 hours a day with pto and ppto along with some otherr benefits and 1.5 hours of total break time one hour being lunch and the rest being 15 minute PAID breaks

  14. Considering that Walmart made millions off the virus epidemic how much did the Corp donate to the poor?

  15. Hello Babbletop For My Dinner Today I’m Having Wendy’s 🙂

    Wendys is not just in Oxford and reading there are more locations opening soon

  16. "Secrets Walmart doesn't want to you to know"

    1. Owned by a wealthy family. Did anyone not know this? Was there someone out there who thought Walmart was owned by a socialist community?

    2. Cheap bread. How is that a secret they don't want you to know? Do you know what the word "secret" means? They have signs all over that are marked "clearance" and guess what… that's where all the cheap stuff is!
    3. Cheap labor. I guess. I mean we have entire documentaries that tell us how bad Walmart is environmentally and socially but I'll give you this one. I know the pay isn't that bad in the US; I know people who have worked for the company for 8 years that are hourly and make close to $30 an hour.
    4. Police. The majority of the time Police are called is not to arrest people; it is to site them with a trespassing warning. The police have the customer sign it and they are not allowed in the building anymore(usually for theft or threatening violence). It takes about 5 minutes. If they are called otherwise it is usually serious and they need to be there. Walmart did have security originally but several incidents where the asset protection team had to get physical caused multiple lawsuits as thieves don't like or respect people who confront them on their theivery and are not carrying firearms. There is a fairly famous video on YouTube of a security member confronting a thief who swung at the guard who flipped the thief, dumping him onto the concrete floor during Black Friday, splitting said thiefs head open.
    5. Pickup is the one good secret but not really secret just often a second thought.
    6. Coupon deals. That's a pain in the ass to do but I'll give you that one.
    7. Pricing secret. That's only partially true and now they clearance stuff quick. Get it quick.
    8. Old program. Never seen it done anymore.

  17. I have not been to any Walmart in years. I get my clothes from Habband catalog, odds and ends of stuff from Dollar Tree store, and sneakers from Avon. Walmart prices aren't all that cheap.

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