10 Steps to Running a Tenant Background Check


Mo Hashem with Flat Fee Landlord explains the “Perfect 10ant” process to screening a tenant applicant for your Northern Virginia Rental home.


7 thoughts on “10 Steps to Running a Tenant Background Check”

  1. packleader87 says:

    Great tips for avoiding the sqatters

  2. mark Johnson says:

    What good this do if your landlord are the criminal themselves and provides heaven for gangs to operator out of complex.

  3. IHUFS says:

    How to check if their IDs belong to them?

  4. Aries says:

    You never once said how to get the info

  5. Gina Berg says:

    what about the no Good land Lords


    What happens if you got avicted 12 years ago?? Would that still show on application today?

  7. Vegas says:

    How do you check eviction history?

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