10 USA Visa Mistakes Resulting in Visa Rejections | Avoid Them

Here I present 10 US Visa Interview Mistakes that lead to VISA rejection. So you should avoid these mistakes.

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44 thoughts on “10 USA Visa Mistakes Resulting in Visa Rejections | Avoid Them”

  1. nazneen tamboli says:

    I love your channel…pretty straight forward and to the point and so concise..i get the info and i even feel positive because it seems eady when you explain it that effortlessly

  2. Mitul Jani says:

    Do they give visa for community colleges…?
    I have a 2 year of study gap, actually i started a college in India i did 4 semesters there but now i dropped out and i wanna go to us

  3. Harry Calvins. says:

    Bro! I'm planning to study in US and find a job and settle! Is this possible!?

  4. VIKRANT RANA says:

    Brother I select a college
    So I want to collect information about this
    So brother tell me how I get

  5. The Blue Ninja Ninja says:

    Can a low income/salary get someone rejected?

  6. Jaiprakash Shukla says:

    Can you explain me the 9th reason?

  7. Melinda Albert says:

    Do you need urgent U.S visa or have you been denied U.S visa before? This is an opportunity for you to Apply today and get your visa with a work permit at once.  And help you get all kinds of visas. Contact us via our Email: [email protected]usa.com, [email protected]gmail.com
    Direct/ Whatsapp Number: +1(213)4293937

  8. Sashi Babblu says:

    Broo can you help me. I got refused for 2 times and am still trying my visa slot is in next 6 days so please help me

  9. Muhammad Mustafa says:

    Spot on brother, your videos are always to the point!

  10. Pooja Khasap says:

    Hlo sir ,can you help me in my f1 visa questions

  11. Aryaman Mishra says:

    Do they ask 12th class marks?

  12. Lion hearted says:

    Thanks for the tips my bud.

  13. Rojee Chaudhary says:

    Hiii i wanna ask something bcoz i m also preparing for USA interview

    You told that don't be disagree with interviewer question. If he will ask that wat were you doing 2 years ago in USA. Thn wat should be our ans?

  14. Shiva Dhiman says:

    Bro i denied my f1 visa twice without any reason , second time they asked how many universities , academic background , what will u learn in first year . I answered all question properly but denied . Should i apply again it can be negitivity to reject twice .

  15. siddhi panchal says:


  16. siddhi panchal says:

    my uncle went to us in 2010 and now in 2019 he is a green-card holder..so will this effect me during my F1 visa interview
    another question…is under 18 students eligible for F1 visas?

  17. sofiii yaaa says:

    I've got a below average GPA in my high school. I however received an I20 from xxx uni which is named as the best regional uni in south with an out state waiver. I have appointed my interview date this month. My question is do I have to explain about my low grades? What do I say to them? Please respond

  18. Hemlata chauhan says:

    Nice job

  19. Pavan Kumar says:

    all good points, thank you brother

  20. karan sandhey says:

    Please tell me what are transcripts in f1 visa ?

  21. Showkat War says:


  22. Sangay Sherpa says:

    Saying I m gonna stay with my relatives makes a less chance of getting approve

  23. CiTy vloGer says:

    Bro i have applied from j1 visa and if i got refused so can i reapply for it??????

  24. Joyrex Roy says:

    The rubber stamp appeared double on my work later , can that cause a problem during my interview

  25. subhashini Veerapaneni says:

    If we done mechanical engineering and but we opted computer science in us in this case also visa will be rejected or any chances get after 6 months changing to mechanical

  26. Barry Abdoul salam says:

    Is it a matter your uncle or brother sponsor you?

  27. Mare Marypushpa says:

    My son visa rejected behind the reason is my elder son was in US he is going job. VO asking all questions about his brother

  28. Denish Mulwani says:

    प्लीज वीडियो आप हिंदी में बनाये ताकि perants भी खुद अछि तरह समझ सके

    फिर वो अपने बच्चों को समजा सके इंटरव्यू के लिये

  29. Sushant Acharya says:

    My gpa is pretty low. How should I answer about my low grades??

  30. Munna Fasi says:

    Bro, have
    You travelled to any other country before US VISA INTERVIEW?
    2) I mean is your passport fresh or had some stamps of different countries at the time of your interview????
    Bcoz even for F1 visa travelling history matters!

  31. Shekhar Suman says:

    I have noticed that US universities undergraduate credit courses are now available online.Apparently, students that are unable to travel or want to strengthen their application can take these courses during June-July 2020. http://www.scholarly.co

  32. Talha Bin Khalid says:

    How do you complete your bachalor in 3 years??
    Pls ans..☺☺

  33. D J says:

    How can u speak fluent english….did u practice for speaking english in US….can u pls give me some tips for speak more confident and fluent english..?????

  34. Leela Ginakunta says:

    thank u so much brother for guiding us at the early stages. good luck to u..

  35. kiran M says:

    In DS-160 form have any option to upload all documents?

  36. Hudaib Ahmed says:

    what should we say i n the answer of question 1?

  37. 18 X F Prathmesh Jain says:

    In the second last mistake that u told indeed avoiding that sentences what should i say ??

  38. Anshul Chauhan says:

    American University mai ragging hoti hai?

  39. ii FreakinglyFreak ii says:

    What if we di want to get settled in US? Do we still have to say that we don't want to?

  40. Devansh says:

    Sir can u provide me some personal information

  41. Devansh says:

    8307778431 this is my contact no.

  42. Devansh says:

    Actually I want to take August intake in San Francisco in b.sc health and education that's why I need more info

  43. Devansh says:

    Sir if u have tym then plz contact me I will always remain thankful to u

  44. Brijesh Singh says:

    Delhi guy : He said he was wearing formal jeans for an interview. Can anyone tell what is " formal jeans "?

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