10 USA Visa Mistakes Resulting in Visa Rejections | Avoid Them

Here I present 10 US Visa Interview Mistakes that lead to VISA rejection. So you should avoid these mistakes.

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44 thoughts on “10 USA Visa Mistakes Resulting in Visa Rejections | Avoid Them”

  1. I love your channel…pretty straight forward and to the point and so concise..i get the info and i even feel positive because it seems eady when you explain it that effortlessly

  2. Do they give visa for community colleges…?
    I have a 2 year of study gap, actually i started a college in India i did 4 semesters there but now i dropped out and i wanna go to us

  3. Brother I select a college
    So I want to collect information about this
    So brother tell me how I get

  4. Broo can you help me. I got refused for 2 times and am still trying my visa slot is in next 6 days so please help me

  5. Hiii i wanna ask something bcoz i m also preparing for USA interview

    You told that don't be disagree with interviewer question. If he will ask that wat were you doing 2 years ago in USA. Thn wat should be our ans?

  6. Bro i denied my f1 visa twice without any reason , second time they asked how many universities , academic background , what will u learn in first year . I answered all question properly but denied . Should i apply again it can be negitivity to reject twice .

  7. my uncle went to us in 2010 and now in 2019 he is a green-card holder..so will this effect me during my F1 visa interview
    another question…is under 18 students eligible for F1 visas?

  8. I've got a below average GPA in my high school. I however received an I20 from xxx uni which is named as the best regional uni in south with an out state waiver. I have appointed my interview date this month. My question is do I have to explain about my low grades? What do I say to them? Please respond

  9. If we done mechanical engineering and but we opted computer science in us in this case also visa will be rejected or any chances get after 6 months changing to mechanical

  10. My son visa rejected behind the reason is my elder son was in US he is going job. VO asking all questions about his brother

  11. प्लीज वीडियो आप हिंदी में बनाये ताकि perants भी खुद अछि तरह समझ सके

    फिर वो अपने बच्चों को समजा सके इंटरव्यू के लिये

  12. Bro, have
    You travelled to any other country before US VISA INTERVIEW?
    2) I mean is your passport fresh or had some stamps of different countries at the time of your interview????
    Bcoz even for F1 visa travelling history matters!

  13. I have noticed that US universities undergraduate credit courses are now available online.Apparently, students that are unable to travel or want to strengthen their application can take these courses during June-July 2020. http://www.scholarly.co

  14. How can u speak fluent english….did u practice for speaking english in US….can u pls give me some tips for speak more confident and fluent english..?????

  15. What if we di want to get settled in US? Do we still have to say that we don't want to?

  16. Delhi guy : He said he was wearing formal jeans for an interview. Can anyone tell what is " formal jeans "?

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