Disclaimer: This video has been upon request by one of our avid viewer. What I shared in this video are purely based on my experience when I was interviewed ar Concentrix last April 2019.
This is not a sponsored video. This has been created in order to help jobseekers land their dream job as Customer Service Representative at Concentrix. Hope this helps. Enjoy watching! ❤

Note: I speak in English all throughout the video as there are foreign viewers who don’t understand our language. I know there are grammar lapses. Feel free to correct me if you notice one. ☺

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A L W A Y S B E H A P P Y !

I love you all,
Nayumi Cee 😘



  1. Rey mart Balanueco says:

    I hope i passed my enterview tomorrow in jesus name amen

  2. Ehi Ehis says:

    Hi , please can you define for me what Concentrix does? what are they into ? i have an interview coming up, and I am trying to research exactly what they do? thanks

  3. Ma. Cristina Sario says:

    thanks fornthe tip so much, i have plan applying in concentrix soon, and wud love to try to work in thay bpo company.

  4. Shella Rose Adolfo says:

    Sent my application already. Ilang days ba before maka receive ng email sa knila?

  5. solid color says:

    Ang cute mo po, lalo yung tawa nyo po. ❤

  6. Ehi Ehis says:

    Can you help me with concentrix website please?

  7. Aaron Villamejor says:

    Hello po iaask ko lng po sana kung paano po if ever na magwoworking student ka then naask sayo yung question na "are you comfortable working in shifting schedule?" dapat ko po bang sabihin na isa po akong working student?

  8. Clariza Lyn says:

    Tomorrow will be my assesment, any tips how to pass it?

  9. Vahn Lloyd Degamo says:

    Any tips for ops validation interview?ill gonna take mine nxt week

  10. Ace Suazo says:

    hopefully i can do it for tomorrow interview..

  11. XSmite says:

    I failed 4th times applying in a call center because I'm nervous when the interviewer talking to me and this time im 100% prepare.
    the more i failed the more willingness to be part of a call center company
    thank you

  12. Sophia Lastimado says:

    is this the actual questions?

  13. virgilio apas says:

    zoom virtual hub po ako tomorrow po, initial interview napo ba yan? or hindi pa?

  14. Quin Sexy says:

    Hi! Nag h-hire ba sila thru skype?

  15. Chi Khaleesi says:

    This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing this. And I am proud to be one of CNX employee and consistent performer and enjoying its new perks and benefits. For those who wanted to learn about validation and related topics? I am open and willing to help you pass and become one of the account's top performer as well. #togetherletsbeatthisPandemic

  16. Nina Elias says:

    do they provide pc for wfh ?

  17. Trischia Sangalang says:

    Hi! So I applied at the Concentrix branch here at Pampanga. I passed all of the assessment tests including the VERSANT but unfortunately at my end, they told me that I failed the Amazon I think? Now they told me that I should expect a call po for my final interview within the next 24hrs and by the time that I pass that, I can drop by their office again to retake some new assessment. I would just like to know po ano ung amazon? ASE ata narinig ko na initials ng bumagsak ako pero Amazon po sinasabe na idk hahaha any infos and tips po :<

  18. Livra TV says:

    interesting topic wow

  19. Julie ann Sagot says:

    Ask lang po initial interview po ba to?

  20. Ralyssa Talento says:

    Hi! I'm going to have operation validation interview today. Can you help me prepare or can you share any ideas on how it works? Thank youu!

  21. rachel cahigas says:

    I haven't tried applying in BPO but i wanted to have an experience in this kind of job but i feel nervous

  22. Grazii Borsoi says:

    I have a interview in concentrix, in Brazil, and I found this video.. Thanks a lot

  23. Michelle Responso says:

    Thank you

  24. LailaMarie Coraza Tv says:

    Ate paano po Mag apply? No experience po ako

  25. shengjie liang says:

    ate, sa gamit mo ng "did" paki check

  26. Vincent Caytiles says:

    Ma'am ask kolang po tapos nako sa svar at autoview mag assessment napo ako onsite ask kolang po kung ano napo kasunod nun?

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