2021 VIPKid Hiring Process! [NEW AND UPDATED] • COVID-19 Changes! 😷

I’m breaking down each step in the VIPKid hiring process and sharing some insider tips on how YOU can be successful at the start of your VIPKid journey in the year 2020.
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0:00 – Video intro + Helpful links
1:40 – Applying with a mentor (CHANGES!) + Free hiring-help!
3:00 – Stage 1: Apply Online
4:15 – Stage 2: Demo Lesson
7:25 – Stage 3: Certification Mock Class(es)
9:28 – Stage 4: TESOL Course & Quiz
10:55 – Stage 5: Upload Documents & Profile Setup

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30 thoughts on “2021 VIPKid Hiring Process! [NEW AND UPDATED] • COVID-19 Changes! 😷”

  1. Hi Erin! I just want to make sure I understand the new changes correctly. The new changes are

    A Bachelor’s degree or higher;

    Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada;

    And at least 2 years of language teaching experience OR a teaching credential or certificate

    So if I have someone who wants to apply and used to be a substitute teacher for a year and a half and taught English at her church for about a year. Will that qualify her? And you mentioned the pay scale since we have a new payment scale do you know what is the new pay for starting teachers? Thank you for all your help! This is very informative!

  2. Love your video! I am a current VIPKid teacher but I also work with pre-k kids at my church and we are all virtual now. What program do you use to edit your videos??? I think my kids would love this style!

  3. Hi, I have all of the qualifications plus some, but my initial application was denied and they did not specify why. I’m confused. Could you help?

  4. Hi Erin very informative video, can you please share a link to TESOL certification before I prepare for VIPKID interview…Thank you!

  5. Hi. Would you be my mentor? I’m not sure if it’s too late. I’ve applied and now have to record a demo.

  6. I am about to be finished with school next week and will have my BA, I know it won’t be a while until I get the actual diploma, what could I do for proof?

  7. Hi Teacher Erin. I'm done with all the requirements then suddenly I cannot open my account it says that "Request failed with status code 403". What does it mean?

  8. wrg,idts. no stressx etc for suchx, anyx, no such thing as nerve wrackx, or overwhelx or jivex or encouragx or px or getx or xreviewx etc or not, doesnt matter, cepux, say, do, be, can say, do, be any no matter what and any s perfect

  9. You are so knowledgeable….I am currently in my 21 year of teaching…and have taught mostly younger kiddos…I have my ESL endorsement already…do I still need to purchase the TESOL?

  10. I have 12 years classroom ESL experience Kids to Uni including TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS, my question is how many hours can VIPKids support you doing a week on average? Guesstimate.

  11. Hi, Erin, I have been living at Montreal, Quebec for 13 years now, and I got my Master’s degree at Stockholm university back 25 years ago, but I am a Chinese from mainland China, I want to apply to work at vipkids etc, is that possible? What’s your opinion please? Thank you very much. David

  12. Hi Erin, I have a question for you. I finished my mock interview couple of days back but I have not heard anything back from them and I cannot log into my account. I tried it multiple times and looks like its locked. Have you experienced this before or have heard anything about this?

  13. On their site it said you need a bachelors degree but I saw somewhere else they want a 4 year bachelors..is that mandatory? I only have a 3 yr

  14. Yes that is a very interesting conversation. That covers a lot of ground. Also just so you know, at mlmrc we can build your vipkid downline for you. Which will speed things along. I do appreciate the work that went into this video. ttys

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