221g – Everything you need to know regarding NVC , US Embassy & Immigration 221 g

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Hi, I am Dr. Hira M. (NOT A LAWYER), currently preparing for USMLE.
During my immigration process, I realized how heavily I depended on my lawyer, making me realize that I lacked basic knowledge of the whole process, which was relatively simple, so I started studying the process.
With extensive research, I got well equipped with many aspects of immigration. All pieces of advice are from my personal experience. They do not in any way equate to any professional attorney’s opinion.
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I am making immigration videos, but I plan to include other aspects of my life too.
My videos include the following topics :
Creating an Account on USCIS
Filing petition I-130
The documents required generally are:
1. Translated and attested marriage certificates
2. Previous history of marriages
3. Birth certificates in most cases.
Double step verification
Checking case status on USCIS
Getting invoice ID and Case ID
Logging in to NVC
Submitting documents (affidavit of support AOS, IV application, and civil documents), paying the fee, and getting documentarily qualified
Checking NVC case status
Preparing for the interview
Applying for a green card or permanent resident card
Applying for social security number / SSN or card
How to contact an immigration-related organization

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34 thoughts on “221g – Everything you need to know regarding NVC , US Embassy & Immigration 221 g”

  1. My F1 visa is refused. I am waiting for the update. In this video timeline showed is for immigrant visa categories I think? Do you have any experience of dealing such issues for student Visas ?

  2. I was asked for additional documents 221g and after submitting the documents the Status shows ready after 2 days I got all my documents back and there was another letter requesting for my passport does this mean my visa is issued!?? Please clarify this.

  3. Hi am finish my Interview since March 2020 in Paris but the conculare give me 221g, he ask me for my police clearance I send it all ready, he took my passport but up to now no answer, need a help pls

  4. hello eveyone.my visa is cr1.my interview was over for 1month of fear. After that I showed refuge while checking the visa and again in 15 days of checking the visa showed administrative processing. Checking my mail today, ustraveldocs.com inquiry case-2020-12-23- ××××××××× has been closed. What does this mean? How long will it take for my visa to arrive?please answer me

  5. Please any one help me my CR1 case is under administration process since December 2018 .consulte get back my passport after interview. I got a message 5 days ago Passport number R9194446 is ready for collection, Mon-Fri,10am to 4pm & on Sunday 1pm-5pm at OFC only. Returned to Embassy/Consulate after 5 days. And I track my passport too that shows your passport is ready for pickup. I m very confuse.

  6. My passport in us embassy but I submitted all the documents they need still it shows refused what it's means

  7. Hi, mum, I wanted to know my interview was on 3/december/2020, I got 221g for the outstanding document (original marriage certificate), and the consulate told me your case is pending due to further outstanding document, she told me don't take long to send the document to the US consulate, after 2 days I send the document, why is now 4 updates but my status still showing READY?

  8. After 2 year 221g .nvc required update in my ds 260 form. How can we this and which things we need to update

  9. Please reply. Nvc requires some ds 260 form update. Which requires we need to update. And when we can do this I just chocked my nvc status and find out it2. While ceac.state.gov status shows case expiry soon

  10. Hello Fred wahl, I'm from Saudi Arabia my visa has been refused last year 13jan was my interview and after 11 months USIC usa nbc they mailed my husband to send more evidence within 30 days, we did and they update on their website that they received they start work in it, but 14 jan the Saudi usa nbc they sent email that my visa canceled and we didn't sent any evidence i just want to know is this email from system automatically because it's been one year or it's true? Please help me

  11. Hello sister I didn't received 221g latter drop box appointment
    And my visa application status is administrative prosseing for 20 days

    What should I do
    When will be visa issued.

  12. Hi what thats it mean after we submit the documents that the required from 221g we recieved a letter for set another interview/oath taking? is there any chance to get the visa?

  13. Hello Hira, any case have you seen got rejected after the administrative process has appeared after refused status. From this video, I have concluded that when AP appears that means your status will be updated to Issues rather than rejected. Is this the case?

  14. Hi Hira, I had my C1D visa interview on 23rd Feb 2021 and the interview went well but the CO gave me a yellow 221g, kept my passport and didn't asked for any additional documents. What should I do now?

  15. I went for interview feb 3 2021 ,I was refuse they give 221g and they told me to get my chat for my wife and I and photos with both us and another sponsor with travel evidently they told me not submit it my mail or fax ,they told me as soon I get these documents I should make my appointment ,and my co sponsor have threes kids and she make 36350 dollars will her income be okay

  16. hlo mam mujhe b 221g form mila hai or mera visa refused show ho rha hai…mam plz tell me interview dubara hundi ja sirf document hi submit krne..mera passport b vapis kr diya hai

  17. Mam mera c1d visa interview 6 january ko hua mujhe koi sleep nhi mila hmko next day mere mail par DS5535 form aaya hmane fill krke send kr diya status check krne par refused dikha rha hai 2 month se inquiry karne pe pta chala 221g mila hai mam help kijia kitna time lagega ya dubara se visa apply krna hoga

  18. My son @ H1b 221g yellow slip given ask one client letter only, please share me how many days visa process will be done

  19. Hello just asking, I passed the interview last Feb 24 and the consul took my passport.but when I check my status in ceac my status is refused even the consul didn't say anything about 22ig or what,until now still waiting for my visa

  20. I got 221g on 22nd feb2021.. they kept my passport. I have submitted the required document. My date has been changed on 17th march 2021. What does this mean ? Date changed but status is still refused

  21. Please talk about the 221 (g) article. I wanted to renew my american visa and it's for the second time. I received a letter asking for interview. What is it please and how long will it take for process ? I'm tired of waiting. Please answer anyone

  22. If one couldn't drop off those documents on time under section 221g case of Jan 2020 IR 1 India .will the embassy call for a second interview. Any idea?kindly do share some thoughts .thank you…

  23. Look like some of you guys did not watch the video please watch the video best video I seen thank you for shearing .

  24. I have a question! My SB-1 visa was approved, and they stayed with my passport, and told me that my visa was going to arrive in 2 weeks, but my visa status says "refused", but I didn't receive a 221 g in my interview and they didn't ask me for more documents. How long does it take for my visa to arrive, and what's going on?

  25. Hello ma'am
    My B1B2 visa is pending under 221g administrative processing since December 2019.
    So do you have any way to get it approved fast..



    Application ID or Case Number:
    Case Created:Feb-2021Case Last Updated:Feb-2021

    A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your visa application.

    For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Dhaka.

    What i should do now

  27. Hi,my husbands interview was held in dec,2019. It was in administrative process and they returned passport on March 2020. Then we gv a mail to embassy , is it rejected or not. They said still it’s in administrative process. It’s really so frustrating as it’s almost 1.5 yr. is there any possibility of his visa approval ? Thank u

  28. Hi Ms.Hira thanks for the info.i have question to you if you xan help me because i have receive 221g paper blue and from it he just thicken the police clearance that i need to renew as well as the passport he put mark in the form as well.he told me after i get new police certificate i need to upload in ceac,so my question is after i upload in ceac app do ineed to send it thru courier with the 221g,police clearance and passport is this the right process…hope you can help me if you have an idea.thanks inadvance

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