27-Year-Old Landlord: How I Prevent Getting SCREWED by Tenants

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36 thoughts on “27-Year-Old Landlord: How I Prevent Getting SCREWED by Tenants”

  1. For some reason Youtube is pushing this video to a group of people who think landlords are evil. To each their own, I suppose.

  2. It’s so stupid you won’t take cats because your wife is allergic to them. Are you renting the house to your wife? You just eliminated 35% of tenants. Why is Chewy.com and Petsmart so freaken big?

  3. Unfortunately if your landlord you’re gonna have to just deal with shit head people that feel like they just should be supported by everybody else. These people go through life expecting everybody else to take care of them

  4. Your recommendations are EXTREMELY customized as your rules would cause a landlord calamity in certain areas/markets. Just saying.

  5. Hi Kevin. Do you happen to have a lease agreement that you could share?… even If it has a price tag, please

  6. Net worth doesn't mean money in your pocket or bank account. it just means the total asset value less liabilities. You can have a high net worth and still be broke.

  7. THIS VIDEO WAS GREAT! My wife and I are buying our first property and we are doing a comfortable house hacking that will become our first rental property. we will be dealing with tenants soon and this information was really helpful. thanks Kevin.

  8. you can't discriminate against military but it seems like you were looking for military. Why? I know they should be more trustworthy but if you have to evict them you basically can't

  9. What type of house should I look for as a first time buyer in college? I don’t want to stay there too long maybe 2-3 years then I want to try to put a tenant in there??

  10. Some of these comments are proof of how valuable the advice in the video is. Imagine allowing an anarchist to move into you're property? You'd be poor like them in no time.

  11. Tell this to my landlord please.
    They increased rent on us and nooowwww we're leaving.
    They also micro manage everything.
    I think they'll be worse off in the end.

  12. I want to be a rental property owner. Should I get a degree in business or something else? I would really appreciate advice

  13. The parents spoiled children:
    who are pretend weak and no job..
    They never exercise them hand .
    They never know some people work hard .
    For eat 99 cents store food many years
    Then can be landlord ( also by landlord father work hard and accumulated )
    They are not respect people things or job.
    They are not grateful for landlord help them give them very cheap price and
    Give them delayed little bit if they really no money.
    But now they are already 4 months no pay.
    But wasted landlord things
    And intentionally block any representative landlord people get in for check house.
    These people don’t pay rent but try to take over property.
    They are bad then robber..
    Because robber was scared police.
    But these people by parents preferred.
    They are not scared police.
    So they can do anything for bully landlord

  14. Commercials that I could actually not get to turn it off because I was in the shower trying to listen to some information from you. That’s a little freaking greedy Kevin you’re bragging about how much money you have and then you want to wet just dig a little deeper on everybody else that’s ridiculous

  15. In the west coast is usually the other way around. Have you seen the prices of these apartments lately.

  16. It doesn’t make sense that some people are getting offended. At the end of the day you choose your reality – landlords chose rental real estate. Not all landlords are money hungry but we gotta pay our bills and our mortgages and our tenants decided to live in our property. As a landlord we deal with a lot more than a tenant sees. As a landlord I respect all my tenants and I hope to see more landlords doing the same.

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