3 Things Hiring Managers Want To Know About You

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I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Hiring managers want to understand your potential, value, and goals before making a decision to welcome you to their organizations.

That’s why it’s important to emphasize these things whenever you communicate with employers. That means demonstrating them in your resume and cover letter, on your LinkedIn profile, during your job interview, and whenever you interact with the organization in general.

But how can you do that? I’m going to go over the three key statements you need to convey every time you interact with a potential employer.

#1. Explain Your Go-To Potential

These are the problem(s) you solve or the pain you alleviate. What are you uniquely qualified to do on the job?

#2. Spell Out The Your Value

Explain to them the value you bring by solving these problems or alleviating those pains.

Share how you save or make companies money. Or, in some cases, how you do both.

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#3. Short-Term Goal

Tell them about a short-term goal that will leverage your strengths and bring value to the organization. Take your skill sets to the next level.

This shows them that you can hit the ground running and already know what you want to accomplish.


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46 thoughts on “3 Things Hiring Managers Want To Know About You”

  1. No Nono says:

    They don’t need to know these things. My resume says it all

  2. K SS says:

    I ask one question. What is best in life? If you get that right, you get the job.

  3. Travis Fyne says:

    i can't articulate how much I hate HR women like this, pretentious and pompous, you have to play along with their game

  4. Omnia Production says:

    I work as a VA for video editing, web and graphic design, so people who want to hire virtual assistant,can also network within Facebook and LinkedIn groups.There were i find my clients, also i offer a free first video sample, keep going with your great videos, I'm subscribed. Thanks a lot for your efforts

  5. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Every recruiter should tell their candidates these tips on their way to an interview.

  6. JRC says:

    Tell us something we do not already know. There is no guarantee that the questions they will throw you will give you the opportunity to express yourself on the 3 things you mentioned. What guarantees you the job is you give them the answer they want to hear and be able to express yourself well and substantiate your answers.

  7. Lee Cochrane says:

    An explanation of what your Interviewer is thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg88CeNe1JU&t=445s

  8. Ezeadili Chidimma says:

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    Thanks so so much! You’re such a blessing. Just watched this 3 times for an interview in an hour. Hugs from Miami. Diana Velasquez

  10. Jason Momoa says:

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  11. Starman998 says:

    Most hiring managers are a bunch of buffoons anyway. They have no idea how to interview.

  12. Katie Rojas says:

    What she said is not specific enough. Snagajob YouTube channel is more helpful!

  13. Vampra Cima says:

    Let me guess hiring manager’s thinking:
    How this applicant fits to the weirdest globalist world?

  14. The Designer says:

    Ya. Tried it and didn't work. They are just crazy. If they don't like your voice they won't hire you.

  15. bud thedog says:

    Corporate America is all about being as fake as possible while selling your soul.

  16. Jeremy James says:

    Ah, yes, the working schlep, the wagecuck, thinking long and hard of how to please a complete stranger to work a mindless job where they will NEVER get wealthy. Become a drone today!

    Sorry, honey, I can't be home today. The boss says I have to work late. So eat your burgers, take your prescriptions, drive your car in traffic, and lick the boots of your new masters.

  17. jods says:

    Your value??? This is horse poop! That’s google and FB speak. It’s also extremely anti-woman to suggest someone prove their “value”….

  18. Kenneth Sandor says:

    Captain obvious

  19. Samantha Sosa says:

    I am a 44 year old Lpn I have been looking fir a job for 12 years daily resume shoot outs if 10. Asking everyone from the peapod man t my doctor even willing to work as a medical assistant or CNA. I had an inter at a nursing home . Was dressed professionally had all my papers. The interview lasted 5 minutes. I knew it was because I was the minority. The whole unit had only black mustard and all the hiring team was black. As soon as they saw I was white and old it was over. Diversity includes white asian Hispanic and black.

  20. Sebastian Herring says:

    The test gave me a 15% for everything and 10% for one thing what's that mean

  21. J J says:

    It's not what you know in today's world that counts, it's WHO you know.

  22. Black Rifles matter says:

    No matter what you do the big man will keep you down

  23. ramms mutter69 says:

    Most managers are lazy. You should be telling them what you can get done with them and the people around you. If you show you are self managing and self motivating that’s a big plus for them.

  24. Keith Domin says:

    Great post but there is a huge problem: Ageism. This “worst” kept secret is plaguing us Middle Agers. These so-called hiring managers or HR are throwing away potential experience and wisdom by not hiring older folks. They rather hire much younger less experienced people. Shame on them.

  25. Aloha says:

    Hiring managers are the biggest sellout losers walking the face of the earth.

  26. spitchill says:

    Managers want to have their asses kissed.
    Then take credit for what you did.

    Simple logical real world experience.

  27. Mark Forquer says:

    Just my two sense: what I have discovered is do they like me? If they like me, it’s 95% of the interview. They have a slot to fill and they need to fill it now. Once you touch that ‘spot’ in their own personality, they’ll find room for you. Why? They want the culture to stay upbeat. It isn’t about knowing the job. They will teach you the job; but they can’t teach positive attitude. If you come with THAT to the interview either on the phone or in person, the rest is gravy. Oh, and if they see that your a veteran, they feel sorry for you and that’s a plus, too.

  28. Michelle Batzel says:

    Why would you be a slave to someone else?

  29. AJ H. says:

    I like how this video was recommended to me the day I had an interview. I feel like I covered these 3 points but of course there’s hints of doubt. Wish me luck!

  30. Kevin O says:

    I lied to get jobs I've always done it

  31. Walboy Fredo says:

    I am sorry to say some manager just go by just "liking a person" . It is said managers decide whom they want in the first 20-30 seconds, It just like looking st a new house to live in some people just go on what it looks at the outside and just in the hall way , it is often said that potential house decision is swayed in theses early points. Very similar to hiring am person!

  32. Rmg Rmg says:

    I think we all can learn something from George Costanza here

  33. John Johnson says:

    Do hiring managers ever consider how many jobs you’ve had in 2 years? If you had 4 jobs in 2 years I would never hire you.

  34. Greater of Two Evils says:

    You have hard eyes.

  35. yoban gonza says:

    What if a manager sees this as a threat by being so ambitious? So many managers want to hire a “yes sir” “no sir” employee and not someone who brings problem solving to the table.

  36. Walboy Fredo says:

    0:51 l am sorry to say but some hiring managers DO hire people just because THEY DO LIKE THEM! e.g. eye candy , hunk etc. If a "plain Jane/John" had all the right credentials but don't like them they try to justify the reason NOT to give them the job but justify to give the "eye candy/hunk" the job. Some goes on to what the rest of the team say after the candidate is shown the workplace e.g.."..so what do you think of him/her, you lot?". Some just go on "gut feeling". Others go on , what "car" did the candidate drove in today, often asking security/reception about the style, colour or age of the candidate's vehicle.

    I recall a UK TV show called the "Job Interview" – a reality show that shows real life interviews. On one show, there was a job for Events and Banquets Supervisor for the Hilton Hotel. On the last 2 candidates they was a practical test to which both candidates have to set up a breakfast table but there were hidden points .i.e lipstick making on a cup and a stain on one fork. The Male candidate spotted the hidden points and set the table to the required standard that the Hilton Hotel wanted. The Female candidate didn't set the table to the Hilton Hotel standard with a numbers of mistakes but she didn't see the 2 hidden points. However despite all that, the Hotel Manager appointed the Female candidate just because she "liked" her!!!!!!!!!!

    At 2:28 l have done/said exactly the same but then the hiring manager slammed her book shut and then immediately ENDED the interview there and then( possibly she probably thought I would be a threat to her!) .

    One cannot simplify what every Hiring Manager would want from a job candidate, each of them would like at different requirements. You can never legislate individual's opinion., interviews is NEVER an exact science! .l would like your feedback on this…

  37. G K says:


  38. G K says:

    Hiring managers are inept and interviewing people they should stick with clerical little clerk of clerk of jobs

  39. Все - до про все says:

    Россия вперед

  40. Channel Removed says:

    We're all out of work now. Can you do a video on how to get a job during a pandemic? Thanks and looking forward to it.

  41. Mike Hagan says:

    For trucking what they want to know. Do you have a pulse? Will you show up most of the time? Can we steal from you without you getting a lawyer?

  42. Mma Guy says:

    Managers are people who accepted a settle for less pay check to feel superior.all managers are kunts

  43. Surbhi Tiwari says:

    Hey, Can you help me with answer to question on what makes you demotivated at work place or how would I know you are having a bad day at work? Appreciate your response

  44. Walboy Fredo says:

    Sometimes it could be just based on the salary expectations. If you got 3 candidates all equally good but candidate 1 wants $70000, candidate 2 wants $65000 but candidate 3 wants $54000. If your max level is $62000, company's would offer candidate 3 $56000. Candidate 3 would be thrilled on getting something exceeding their expectations and more inspired to work hard and the company save $6000. THIS DOES HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!

  45. Walboy Fredo says:

    I am sorry but these are the 3 things that Hiring Mangers would like to PORTRAY when they hire people.
    They would then try to justify the reason for that hire – I have seen good candidates getting rejected for underqualified candidates. For the underqualified candidates they would say " this person has got potential to learn".

    Hiring Managers would like a good candidate but not one that would "rock the boat" and become a potential threat. The advice the WID has given is "Corporate speak"- on what a hiring manager should be doing professionally- but not "Human speak" because the final decision is often a personal decision , generally an opinion ( which is "individual thoughts or beliefs , which is NOT generally based on facts).

    All of which is a human ability…but being a human, one can make mistakes .. and it can happen when hiring people!

  46. Jeff Calvin says:

    The political system in America is not based on karma.

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