5 Employment Background Screening Tips and Tricks – Ask a Private Investigator Show

On this episode of #AskaPIShow, Tim Santoni gives 5 tips that firms need to know for compliant employment background checks.

Santoni Investigations is a full-service, global Private Investigation Company that has been providing reliable, efficient, and accurate information to businesses and individuals for over thirty years. With a far-reaching staff of investigators trained in the Santoni System to ensure confidentiality, consistency, and excellence, we serve attorneys, insurance companies, brand owners, and corporations.

Some of our areas of service include:

*Intellectual property and brand protection including trademark investigations, anti-counterfeiting investigations, and domain name acquisition
* Worker’s compensation claims
* Competitive intelligence
* Computer Forensics
* Compliance as a service
* Due diligence background checks
* Employees background checks
* Insurance claims
* Legal investigations for attorneys
* IP Investigations
* Locate/ People Searches
* Asset Searches
* Surveillance

We are experienced in providing litigation support investigation and services tailored to the needs of lawyers, insurance agencies, brand owners, and business large and small. We have offices across the United States, and work on cases around the globe. Call our office today at (949) 900-3400 for a confidential case evaluation today or visit us at


2 thoughts on “5 Employment Background Screening Tips and Tricks – Ask a Private Investigator Show”

  1. So it is as simple as running a social security number trace for header information and then running local background checks in those area for the past however many years? And then you redact any information that might cause an adverse action before providing it to the company hiring?

    I work as a private investigator and am attempting to expand in this area but I know I have to comply with FCRA and am worried I am missing information that would allow me to provide a good employment or tenant screen.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Great video, Tim. The advice here is very helpful. I had a quick question. Will a basic background check be able to discover pending charges of an applicant? Or is an advanced background check required to find pending charges? I want to be able to discover both convictions and pending charges. Any advice here would be much appreciated. Thank you. Keep up the video content.

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