5 Signs An Employer REALLY Wants To Hire You

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About the Video:

Just finished an interview with a hiring manager and want to know how to notice the signs the employer wants to hire you? Then you don’t want to miss this video. There are many signs that a job offer is coming but this video will only discuss 5 signs of a possible job offer. Want to know how important verbal cues are within an interview? Ever get excited when you are introduced to other employees and wonder if that should mean something or receive a quick response from the interviewer shortly after your one-on-one and think this could be a sign? You can find all the answers to these questions and more in this informative video.

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28 thoughts on “5 Signs An Employer REALLY Wants To Hire You”

  1. The hiring manager asked me the last question . If we offer the position, would you accept it? can you please let me know why they ask those type of questions?

  2. I had an interview last week, during the interview the hiring manager told me that i did an excellent Technical test (As the position I have applied is mostly technical). During the interview they have asked question such as how will manage this type of situation in this position? Have you applied elsewhere? What is your notice period? The HR manager inform me about the duration of the position and also my availability to be affected in another country after the ending of this contract. We have also discussed about the salary range and the step to reach the high level of the salary. The HR told me that he will get back to me after 1 week. Is this a good signe?

  3. I just had an interview today. It was my best interview I’ve done, the hiring manager said I sounded like a great fit for the company. I shall hear back in a few days if I get the job or not!

  4. When I had a interview at take 5 oil change the guy interviewing me gave me his phone number.

  5. I am watching videos like this because they expedited the entire interview process for me. So rather than it taking weeks for example, they’ve condensed it into like a week and I am interviewing in the final round On Monday. I was asked to report to them if I receive any job offers etc. I told him I would hold off on even excepting interviews and they said thank you. So I’m really crossing my fingers because there should be a huge light in a long time of darkness.

  6. Saw this video today and I am in the process of hearing back from a company for the second round of interviews this coming week. I hope this is a good sign.

  7. The thing that made me want to work for the company is that it's remote, they mentioned training for 2-4 months.

  8. During the interview, signs that they're paying close attention to my answers (versus just going through a prepared list of questions). Asking follow-up questions, or even better, later in an interview referring back to my answer to an earlier question. In short, anything that makes the interview more like a conversation and less like a thing they have to get through.

  9. I had the interview today she asked me questions and she showed me around the kitchen and where they make salads she wants me to come back in for paperwork I've had service jobs before and I know I got this especially when she showed me where the service station is

  10. my interviewer showed my whole office offered my lunch, and even dropped me back at my home – I didnt get the job…lol

  11. Thank you for the advice! Had 3-4 signs with a Magazine I really want to work with! Hope they hire me by this week as they want me to start on May 1st! Any tips to get my desired stipend for the internship as have 1 year 1 month experience!Anything additional I can do to solidify my position?

  12. AINT no body interested in me. They always say “IF you are hired……” so the first one don’t apply to me.

  13. A job interview is not aced unless you were hired.

    Most career counselors, recruiters, and job search advisors never tell you this. But we all know that in job interviews, all of this holds true:
    1. Second place is first loser.
    2. HR and the hiring team has total control of who gets in and who doesn't. When you interview, you may be dead on arrival if you weren't preselected. If you don't know someone from hiring or aren't related to someone in the company, you'll be in for a long battle.
    3. Talk means nothing. Did you get the f**kin' offer? That's all you need to answer. Stop looking at "signs", they mean nothing. Did you get a f**kin' job offer? Anything other than yes means no.
    4. Video interviews may be mandatory and can hurt you, because your color, face, look etc. could cause you to lose.
    5. In a perfect world, every candidate is a good looking, millionaire member of the SAG & MENSA.

  14. I had a hiring manager reach out to me after I interviewed with her to give me feedback about my interview. She called me a day before I went into the second tier interview with her company. She told me what I should focus on during the next interview and what I should improve upon. I’d never experienced that and didn’t know what to make of it.

  15. Hi madma i always watching ur videos i have a question that i had virtual interview and interviewer talk about duty hours and benefits and they told end will come again in two weeks but no mail and calls

  16. I just had an amazing interview with my dream company. It was an hour and twenty minutes long with a zoom panel of 4 people (VP, Director, & 2 other team members) where I had to present a powerpoint presentation on my experience and why I fit the job. I sent the thank you emails and received a quick and positive response; however yesterday marked 2 weeks since the interview. I sent a quick follow up email and she responded by saying going forth I will need to communicate with the recruiter on status updates for the position and that the position is still open and the interview process is still underway.

    Soooo… now what. As far as I knew I was the only one that interviewed for that position.

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