5 Things Recruiters Won't Tell You (Through The Hiring Process)

5 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You Through The Hiring Process. Things recruiters won’t share about the job interview process and about hiring managers. Recruiters want the best for both candidates and the company. However there are things which are confidential, there are some interview secrets, recruiters can’t share them with you but I will:

#1. You didn’t stand a chance after a bad first impression. First impressions still mean a lot. There are some recruiters which will put the first impression aside. But unreturned calls, bad manners, sloppy interview will definitely hurt your chances for then next round.
#2. You could have gotten a higher salary. Salary negotiations are a bit tug-of-war. Both job seekers and recruiters try to get the most suitable deal. No company would ever admit that they would actually pay more. There is often a salary range that recruiters have for each role. And a lot of times the initial salary offer can be negotiated to a higher amount.
#3. Your references were bad. If a recruiter or hiring manager have doubts about you, they won’t let you know if your unflattering references confirmed their doubts. Bad references can ruin your candidacy as much as good ones can make it stronger. If you give out references, it should be of those who will say positive things about you. However backdoor references is now a sneaky way, for hiring managers and recruiters, to gather more information about you.
#4. Your social media ruined your chances. What you’ve heard is true! Almost 80% of recruiters or hiring managers use social media to check out their applicants’ social media presence. Which is why your social media has to reflect the image and the brand you are projecting. It should complement your resume and in a way speak on how truthful everything about you is.
#5. Your appearance matters. Unfortunately, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” do NOT apply to most of job interviews. The candidate’s appearance should be irrelevant, but it can very much influence a hiring manager, it can either appeal to them or scare them.Of course the company is hiring you for your skills and capabilities, but the way you are dressed and groomed is important as well. Even if you are interviewing for a casual work environment, the general rule is to come well-groomed for an interview.

Let me know what has been your experience in dealing with recruiters in the comments section below. I am Marat from Emmotion, myemmotion.com, Recruitment and Career Services Agency, look me up on LinkedIn. On this channel I train and coach you to ace your job interviews fast, to gain confidence as a professional and learn how to deal with corporate politics, being a better person yourself first.

Here you will find best job interview and career tips. What to say to impress the recruiters and the hiring managers and to get the desired job, to look confident through the interview process and understand the company’s work environment. Aside from your job search, career tips and job interview questions and answers, learn to focus on positive aspects of life and say stop to the negative and toxic thoughts.

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19 thoughts on “5 Things Recruiters Won't Tell You (Through The Hiring Process)”

  1. Great video, you make it easy and so simple to understand what you are talking about. I wish I was recruited by someone as professional as you

  2. Great video Marat. I have basically very positive experience with headhunters. I live in Lisbon and the market is small. The advantage is that just a few headhunters cover the most of the market in my industry.

  3. I message to recruiters on LinkedIn, they don’t really message back. I’d reached out with several recruiters and no response. I know they get many messages but there’s a recruiter who I thought was very determined to help get me a job and/or even an interview. However, I haven’t heard from him and it’s been months. So what I’m trying to say it depends on the recruiter. So far I’m not having much luck with them.

  4. I bet this is about Headhunting Agencies or Company recruiters, not temporary agency ones? Some headhunters build a strong reputation through their work and they are extremely helpful with everything. But temporary job agencies are awful. And some company inhouse recruiters can be completely clueless on what the job is about

  5. I had this issue with a company inhouse recruiter. I was told about the salary to be $XX amount going into this job interview. I was told they like me and like to give me an offer. The offer was $5K less than the salary she told me, she said they think I was less junior compared to another candidate that they saw. In talking with her, I was persistent on getting the alary expectation to be the on she said it was. What happened the next day was I got an email from her with the offer written up and the offer is just bump up $2K, still less than $3K she originally told me. I was very upset and at an impulse turned down the offer. But I really like to know because I am in between jobs, can they use that as a card to play down on my worth and present me with this offer?

  6. I love your channel. It’s super useful and you are so professional. I hope you make videos more often, like every day!!! 🙂

  7. Another tactic to apply is to call a recruiter and apply by phone and ask for the recruiter to talk about the position and you wanting to apply, tell them a bit about yourself – your background like work history what you want out from this position what you like doing everyday, after that they kinda got good idea about you, then see if the recruiter if they can help to get a job right away. It’s a bit like stalking, isn’t it?!

  8. my apologies but the last point i may have to mention its not in everyone's favor reason due to many people are different and different lifestyles to support and enjoy their happiness. Not everyone will afford to spend money to try to get the job then realize they will not get it, they have to live that lifestyle then be broke before finally getting the job.

  9. Very helpful video! I approached a hiring manager in the field that I’m going to school for . I told him I was interested in working for the company. I’m currently working as a contractor at this company. The hiring manager told me to send him my resume because they would be doing some hiring soon . After that, 2 weeks later I got an email saying that they were hiring with the application link attached from the hiring manager . I informed the hiring manager that I caught the opening and applied before he sent the link to me, but no communication after . Is there a chance I get a interview ? Thanks

  10. Sir , i was paid less salary 20,000 thousand at diagnostic center even though i am MSc graduate. I have 6 and half years of experience .I left the job for 4 years because of my maternity period and taking care of my kid. Now i wants to do job in the same diagnostic center but i expect 35,000 thousand because of expensive world and commitment. How to convince our MD to get expected salary. Please reply me. Because today t am going to meet our MD.

  11. Gn I am living in south America i have been talking to some recruiters or so I think. Can recruiters only send messages through text without conducting an interview or with not seeing your CV ? Secondly can recruiters asked for a photo of yourself with conducting the interview? And telling you if you want the jod in Canada the need your photo for your jod?

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