5 Ways To Rent An Apartment EVEN IF You Have Bad Credit or Have an Eviction on Your Record

These 5 ways to apply for an apartment mean that you’re almost always guaranteed to get approved for a lease in any situation. One of these tricks allows you to bypass having an eviction on your record.

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36 thoughts on “5 Ways To Rent An Apartment EVEN IF You Have Bad Credit or Have an Eviction on Your Record”

  1. Airbnb Automated says:

    Hey guys hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment with your thoughts?

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  2. Student Twelve says:

    I really appreciate you. You have helped so many of us. God bless you. Too bad parents and school don't teach survival skills in the real world

  3. Miah Wade says:

    To lease an apartment with an LLC, is this still relevant? I am interested but this video is over a year old and laws may have changed

  4. Elise Shoemaker says:

    What happens when you don’t make 3.5 more than rent 🙁

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    Finally got helped through dr.clark26 ōn !g
    He made it possible for me when securing my apartment.
    All thanks to him !!!!

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    Finally got helped through dr.clark26 ōn !g
    He made it possible for me when securing my apartment.
    All thanks to him !!!!

  7. Jillian Wade says:

    Lol I wonder if you are still in Dallas because I’m trying to figure out how to do this lol

  8. Sharam Rock says:

    Thank you for the info sir!

  9. Susana Noriega says:

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  10. Katie Djebaili says:

    Oh my gosh!! Thank you! I don’t know why I never thought of using the EIN number. Wish I’d seen this video sooner! Anyway, thanks again! You’re a lifesaver!!

  11. James F says:

    Although you’re attempting to rent an apartment as an LLC. Won’t you still be required to show a personal ID (driver licenses, passport, etc.)? Most apartments need to identify you. If you have an eviction, wouldn’t that run the risk of huge complications, correct?

  12. Teggy Boy says:

    If I where to give the property managers my social security will they know how much money I’m making per month ?

  13. Aziz says:

    What for new comers to USA who has only cash in their hand nothing else ? Any guide ?

  14. Roykinnia Cooper says:

    I'm really hoping this works for me.

  15. Zino Bays says:

    Would other apps like PayPal or cashapp work

  16. Kiyomi Brandon says:

    Is this kinda the same way for a house

  17. Maria The Loner says:

    I’m trying to move this week! Pray for me!

  18. History Hunter says:

    How you gonna pay 3 months rent and a deposit if you don’t even have the money to do the Venmo thing !?

  19. DollaDoll Doll says:

    I subscribe right after this video. I like your additude

  20. it's right here says:

    With the handshake deal did. That satisfy the eviction issue on the background check? Just for renting purposes and not factoring business into equation?

  21. Yikes NM5 says:

    So about the background check? What are the pros and cons.

  22. Tim Coulter says:

    Hi Sean, if I create multiple LLCs to begin aging a second one, can they both have the same EIN as I’m a single-owner LLC?

  23. Don Draper says:

    im just a normal guy tryna learn how to move out of my parents place…i also need more income FUCK!!!

  24. Ariana Walls says:

    Had issues with mine but then I contacted Forbtech on insta and had my issues fixed I recommend you contact him

  25. Sailor Moon says:

    I'm trying to find a apartment so I can move away from my brother and mom. I can't even sleep in the morning anymore.

  26. precious payne says:

    I filled the application today

  27. Cocaine Music says:

    I literally needed to see this video just now today

  28. organicallyhannah says:

    I’m confused about the Venmo idea. I opened the PDF of my statement but it shows everything in explicit detail and there is no “X was deposited into this account this month” so there’s no summary and they’d be all in my business. Am I doing something wrong? It’s a good idea but I feel it would be shady if I blacked out a bunch of stuff….

  29. VickandK324 says:

    Do leasing managers ask for the full month is statements or do they just need the front page that shows all the important stuff like beginning balance, deposits, withdrawals, dates, bank acct and routing number? Each of monthly stately is like 10pages long

  30. Sean Walsh says:

    I’ll have to keep this in mind next year when my parents and I move to tx from Washington state since I’ll be moving away from them at the same time I’ll be going to San Antonio and they’ll be moving 4 hours south from there

  31. Stephenie Morgan says:


  32. Johnny Langley says:

    IAM hoping I get a place to live of my own in Woodside housing

  33. Jesus Christ says:

    So criminal past & your screwed?

  34. meParadoxical says:

    You are literally the man!

  35. Edwin Jose Morais says:

    I need to rent from you

  36. Jeffrey Calzada says:

    Thank you your video was really educational!

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