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Before you sign a residential lease agreement as a tenant, or if you’re a landlord drafting a rental agreement for a tenant, you really need to watch this video.

I’m going to tell you about 7 illegal rental agreement clauses that could make your lease unenforceable.

How to screen a landlord and break a lease. Watch:


Remember that every state has different landlord/tenant laws, but the S7 contract terms that I’m going to discuss in this video are probably illegal in most states.

Many landlords download boilerplate leases from the internet in order to avoid paying an attorney to prepare a valid and effective residential lease, or to avoid paying for a state approved lease containing enforceable terms.

In many states, there are vendors that will produce valid leases with all of the terms that are allowable in a particular state.

Some boilerplate leases that a landlord can download for free on the internet contain illegal terms, or terms that your particular state does not allow.

Also, many times landlords actually ADD terms into a lease that they dream up on their own that are illegal or unenforceable.

Tenants need to read the entire lease, not only to know what you’re getting into, but to see if there are illegal terms in the lease before signing it.

For landlords, you need to review your state laws regarding tenant agreements so that a court won’t void your lease if there’s ever a dispute.

Watch to learn the SEVEN lease provisions that are probably unenforceable in most states.




  1. I'm about to move in a studio and the landlord want me to pay 1,335 to move in its 1100 to move in and 175 for testing lead paint to get done cause I have a kid is that right if its on the lease do I pay if its not do I still have to pay it. The the maintenance man literally told me to my face that is no lead base paint in there so why do I have to pay 175 for something is not in there and it is not in there and I still pay it is he required to give me my money back he also told me he will be doing the LED testing what do I do in this case


  3. The landlady's lets us know at 830 p.m that the insurance guy is coming tomorrow to look for leak's is this legal?

  4. Can u make a list of the top 10 things that must be in lease agreement.
    I'm 21 Years old planning to buy an RV and start renting it, in my mother's property. I want to make it right and legal because of past experience.
    I'm from TEXAS I really need some guidance from someone

  5. People need to stand together, particularly if a friend comes to you for help NOT FOR MONEY about an off the wall story; you should ask if it true and they say YES stand behind them the best you can. Otherwise will find problem from same source on your door step. Do take responsibility for what you put in motion, and not take blame for what another did. Be forgiving for an honest mistake, but not forgiving for out right carelessness or purposeful actions.

  6. I live in California, I got tired of informing the manager of the bldg about constant wastewater on my kitchen sinks, I had several previous flood in my kitchen due to overflow sinks, when neighbors from uptstairs and on the sides misuse the sink clocking, trowing food or broken pipe. Last flood I had came with smell that I can't describe the type of smell, it's nauseating, and smell keep coming back whenever the neighbors waste water, soap, foam, dish machine and dirty water from their sink come to sink. I don't have dish machine as well my neighbor on top of me, but the neighbors on the side down and up have dish machine. It seems to me that the pipe cannot handle the avalanche water from the machine, there is no way out, only to my sinks. Why on earth, you share pipe with other neighbors. The manager never offered to clean or fix my kitchen floor damaged by several floods caused by sloppy, pig neighbors using their sink as dumpster. The manager never advertise the landlord's name, phone #, address, nothing. The landlord needs to know that manager is not taking care. I sent several work request in writing on their own form, and no response, I even texted the manager saying: "I dropped the work request, did you receive, I did not receive your response". Then I did the same again after several weeks saying: "this is a follow up on the work request in writing about my continuous waste water on my sink. I have many chronic plumbing problem here in the apartment that I don't eve use anymore the cabinets of the bathroom, I got a lot damaged stuff, I don't use anymore the cabinets, because soon or later, invasion of water, even in bathroom I had water soaking the whole closet. On the last flood I had in my sink in the kitchen, they broke the wall beneath the sink counter to handle the problem with their routine sloppy work, and then left the hole they made without covering. And I even said, please close the hole. This hole is going to cause mice entrance in my apt.I am so tired of this. I always wanted to move, but at this moment I don't have money to move. And I always paid high rent here. Now What really bothers me is the smell, it's 2 type of smell: one is chemical soap smell, the another smell I just never smelled in my life, I can't describe. I think it's a mixture of grease and chemicals together. It's nauseating.

  7. Texas- lease states landlord is not responsible to replace broken large appliances, air conditioner or heater.

    Lease does not have a break lease specifications

    Should I sign? I need help

  8. Wood rot in Windows rear patio closet ceilings termites droppings that hang from the ceiling asbestos siding throughout the house exterior what are my rights as a tenant at the property that I'm at here in Glendale Arizona been here almost 9 years the original people we rented from retired and gave the properties to their son the son now wants to sell the properties how are we protected against that and US losing our only daughter back in July of 2020 aren't we protected from being told to get out by May 31st 2021 we've only got the letter certified letter a week and a half ago that doesn't give us much time to find another place and all this is all well you have to be out

  9. I have a first floor apartment in Illinois. My landlord keeps access to the garage to himself and is over in it often. The electricity bill is connected to my bill. I don't want the landlord over everyday like he is and I don't like him running up my bill everyday. The clause about the garage is in the lease but I didn't know it's hooked on to my bills. And he'd come on the property everyday. What are my options?

  10. My boyfriend have been in our apt for two years the land lord is trying to evict us because I'm not on the lease and he's doing this to several other tenants but he has yet to replace my oven that doesn't work that I put a work order in for back in July 2020 also the ac/ heater unit broke dive months ago still not repaired after putting work order in and now summer is here and it gets in triple digits were I live also had a leaking pipe in kitchen for two months before it was fixed also have issues with roaches even after having my apt doves and sprayed by peat control several times what are my chances when I go to court and what is any legal advice u may have I live in CA and I am current on my rent Just a fyi

  11. Can a landlord reject you from renting a 1 bedroom apartment if there is 2 adults and 1 child ?

  12. I am currently living in my rental place.And the landlord is asking me to take pictures of the inside of the rental place while I'm currently living there. Is this legal for them to ask of this request from their tenant?

  13. Is a new owner of an apartment responsible for paying security deposit? I informed new owners I was going to move ( I've lived here over a decade) after they wanted to raise rent over $150 . I told them the lease said my security deposit is same as rent ( copy of lease) they said they aren't responsible to pay it since the lease was with previous owners

  14. What if the landlord is related to an attorney and the attorney rights a lease that is illegal and violate most everything in his or her lease

  15. Hi I left my rental I was sharing with my ex because of domestic abuse. She did damage to the home such as punching holes in the wall and running into the garage with a snowmobile. She lived in the rental for 4 more months. The electric bill is still in my name and the landlord will not take it off due to her not paying damages… is he allowed to charge ME for her damages like this after I have left.

  16. We have been renting this house for 3 months and at the time of rental and through now the landlord never informed us he was actively trying to sell this house. He emailed us and told us we have 40 days to move out. We have not violated any of the lease agreements. We live in Georgia is this legal or does he have to honor there lease or at least give us more time to find another place. And since he is breaching the lease agreement do we have to pay rent until we move?

  17. This is what is wrong with the rental process ..!!! Try maintaining a house with a tenant that WONT
    Pay their rent..sounds like you are supporting the “non paying” tenants …!!! Why does the law always lean towards renters and not the landlords,..,,, SO WRONG…!!!

  18. Someone just bought the apartment building that I live in, and I received a new lease to sign (there's so many problems or issues with this, but I'm just going to ask one question)

    I've already paid $450 for a damage deposit to my original landlord, but my new lease states that they will keep $175 of my damage deposit when I move out, for normal wear and tear. That can't be right, if I was wanting to pay for normal wear and tear I would buy a house, not rent.

    Also in the same area of the new lease, they also said that I had to use a certain carpet cleaning company to have my carpet professionally cleaned when I moved, and I had to have a paid receipt to show that I had that done… If I didn't t follow that, that carpet cleaning bill would come out of my damage deposit. That also can't be right, and I have a really nice carpet cleaner, And I clean my carpets real good like once a year, they actually look like better than when I originally moved in.

    There's so many things on this lease that are not right, but I feel like I'm being held hostage because I already live here, on the most certainly do not want to move, because I love my apartment and the location.

    And of course, they raised the rent……But I have a current lease that last until February 1 of next year, but they're saying that does not matter because they bought the place. That can't be right either

    I wish I could move, but like I said I love my apartment, and it's so conveniently located…..The new lease also says I cannot have an animal, but I already had a cat that I've had for three years, so I don't know how that's gonna work out

    As a matter of fact my apartment is so clean, the prior landlord used my apartment to show prospective tenants, because of how cleaner orderly my Apt is (The landlord was a friend of mine, so I have no problem with that helping him out] There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for the new landlord to keep any of my damage deposit, considering my apartment is better off now than when I moved in (but how would they know that, because that was three or four years ago, and they've not done any current inspections of any sorts) ?

    OK I'm starting to ramble now, but it's just kind of unsettling. I am also disabled living off disability, so my cat is not only my best friend, but very essential considering I don't get to go anywhere very often (I know there are laws about that, which I'm currently investigating as far as support animals and disability)

    I think I'm more venting than asking a question, lol. But maybe I could get some suggestions or some of the legalities of what I'm going through. By the way, I live in Indiana…

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