This video lists the 7 biggest mistakes immigrants make at their US citizenship interview. You also will learn how to avoid these mistakes and get more confident for both your U.S. Citizenship test and the U.S. citizenship interview.

More applicants make these mistakes sometimes because of lack of information. Most people believe that the U.S. naturalization interview is only about the citizenship test. Of course the citizenship test is an important part of the process but there is more to the interview than that.

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The Citizenship Interview is not only about the Citizenship Test. The main purpose of the interview is to make sure that the applicant is qualified to become a U.S. Citizen. This means that USCIS wants proof that you have not broken certain laws when you were a resident of the United States. One way to make sure that you have good moral character is to provide certain documents on the day of your interview.

To learn the meaning of the words (N-400 vocabulary), click here:

To practice the 100 civics questions for the Civics Test, please click here:

If you want to learn all the official reading sentences and writing sentences for the Reading Test and Writing Test, please click here:

For an example of the citizenship interview, click here:



  1. kham Yang says:

    I have a question, ive applied for citizenship once be4 but i didnt pass and now i want to aply again. But i just want to know do they still keep our previous applications ? Can any boday answer me?
    And also when i applied i forgot to make a copy of my applications and i forgot what dates, months, years i put about my previous addresses. So now idk what im gonna do about that☹. Would that be a problem for my case if i put the dates, months, years different? And if i want a copy of my previous applications what can i do? Please answer …..

  2. idrissou arimyaou says:

    Hello!! Please how can I check my N400 application form? Thank you

  3. Angie Rodriguez says:

    Thank you so much for your help!!!!


    Good information to be aware to follow

  5. Ishag Ishag says:

    What going on if i go to my citizenship test and i have license id from another state i changed recently

  6. Shams Unnisa says:

    Thanx for kind information, may God bless you, Aameen.

  7. carmen martinez says:

    Excellent advice, thanks.

  8. John Michael Alcampor says:

    Americans are awesome people…

  9. John Michael Alcampor says:

    They are so friendly while they're interviewing you ……trust me ! I've been there

  10. Katty Perez says:

    your welcome

  11. Spring Angel says:

    Great video! Thank you sir!

  12. Bibi Haroon says:

    Hi dear hw are you … ? I’m from NY
    It’s my 1st time watching your videos here thank you for you’re video very interesting
    … I do hv question about original documents….? I m waiting on my interview appointment…
    My question is I was married Nw divorce in process separated present time
    Now I hv a photo copy of my marriage certificate … do I need to get they original for they interview…???

  13. G G says:

    Even Arnold Schwarzenegger still has an accent and he was governor of California. So an accent doesn’t impede you to do great things and being a great American

  14. Bin Li says:

    I lost original Passport so can i bring a copy of passport to interview? Thanks

  15. Happy San Felipe says:

    Thanks so much…..for your reminder..

  16. Jaime Bernal says:

    Accent is different to pronunciation!

  17. Spontaneous Man says:

    Everyone has unique accent, and as you move and share with other people your accent changes. So when you learn a new language, you own accent changes because you tonge learn new way of twist.

  18. My Phuong says:


  19. Scottish Crocodile says:

    Really helped me out, especially the tip about the flash cards for the American History portion of the interview.

  20. Zeena Barros says:

    Thank you!!!

  21. A says:

    Where I live we can not arrive at our appointment 30 mins prior to our schedule time And I didn't really studied either Iol I knew most answered to the questions. Since I graduated high school and college here in the U.S. THE TEST WAS TOO EASY FOR ME LOL. Even a 3rd grade can pass.

  22. Mayra Ramirez says:

    For me. To make someone make me insecure it's not my accent, it's when someone calles me immigrant or tell me to speak Spanish when for me it was hard to learn my Spanish more then my English, because in school I tried my hardest to learn as much as I should. Later will be know as one. I hope.

  23. GambinoGod Body says:

    I wish I saw this video before I got deported

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