7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore

Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression:

7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore

One of the difficult things about dating is that sometimes people put a version of themselves forward that doesn’t correspond to who they really are. So you can start a relationship, think you’re dating this wonderful person and find out after several months that that’s in fact not the case. And that’s why in this video, I want to give you seven red flags that you absolutely need to be aware of to avoid dating someone that you don’t want to be with. And this is true of both men and women and I’m gonna focus on things that aren’t so obvious and not just jealousy or clinginess — things that might be happening that you’re not noticing that if you did, you could save yourself a lot of pain.

So the first thing is that if the person that you are dating has friends that you don’t like, chances are the person you’re not like. dating is someone you eventually will Now, of course you want to treat them as an individual, right? You’re saying, “They’re not like their friends. They don’t have these qualities so why should I ascribe to them qualities that I see in these other people?” And if that’s a wonderful feeling but the truth is we are all products of the five people that we hang out with the most. We’re like our friends especially if we spend a lot of time with them.

0:37 Check out the friends of the one you’re dating
1:20 Check out how they treat waitstaff or service people
2:17 Be wary when they tell secrets that aren’t supposed to be told
3:18 They’re heavily engaged in social media
4:33 They had short-lasting relationships
5:38 They put all the responsibility onto their ex when they broke up
7:05 They have the idea of their partner being perfect

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20 thoughts on “7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore”

  1. Gregg Piver says:

    What do you mean sometimes?

  2. vinilzord says:

    Dude, your mouth is hugeee lol 😀
    I couldn't help but notice it in the beginning of the video. Thanks for the great content!

    Btw number 4 is 99% of western women nowadays. Tough break.

  3. Stoy Trivia says:

    Every time I see any kind of video like this one, I am thankful once again that beautiful (and often at least somewhat unstable) people have never had the slightest romantic interest in me. It makes it so much easier to make healthy, mature decisions in this arena.

  4. Peter Anthony says:

    wish i had watched this a year ago, wouldve saved me ALOT of trouble…

  5. Dez Tessler says:

    I can't agree more. Being rude to wait staff is the biggest turn off!

  6. Adam Barras says:

    Who would give this a thumbs down

  7. Garlic Jr. says:

    I could’ve been a devoted partner to a successful wedding photographer in a wealthy California neighborhood and had all my early 20’s needs taken care of…. but I freaking hated the way this person treated waiters.

  8. Tommy Stark says:

    The 5 persons is important. We adapt, we dont have any "genes" or specialityes. We just adapt. You can try it. Be carefull on what you adapt 😉

  9. Zacharion Tab says:

    gotta get a girlfriend first…

  10. Noah Hill says:

    Yup so many people out there who cultivated online facades and don’t know who the hell they are.

  11. Alan Bennett says:

    Follow hoodville on ig
    Toxic boys for life

  12. ikenna managwu says:

    The social media part is soo correct, … I experienced this too

  13. Liam Murphy says:

    How did you get to be both handsome and smart? ( I only managed one ).

  14. Diego Velasco says:

    This may save lives

  15. Carmine says:

    so I shouldn't look for an ideal person?
    I have been lock up for 10 years if you say that unhealthy well that a problem

  16. Russian & Ukrainian Dating from Russian4Bride.com says:

    Rule #1 – you don't want to date a woman, don't go for a date. Dating and meeting new people is fun though. However stressful.

  17. uinsel uinselchen says:

    My red flag: those "nice guys" also mentioned in the vid.
    This reminds me of all the "nice guys" I met in my life who after a time we were just good friends told me about their feelings and were astonished I did not feel the same way. All of them just saw me as a perfect being without flaws.
    I felt that I was not seen as myself but like some faerie that needs to be rescued. And then they felt like I owed them for being so super nice to me.
    That is why I barely ever went on dates when asked out and if, I always payed for myself. The last thing I want is a dude expecting a kiss for buying me dinner.

  18. Charles Unleashed says:

    New York Times is less credible than The Onion.

  19. J Gal says:

    I love #1!
    Never thought about it that way

    But sociopaths & narcs can be very charming to all people when wearing the mask

  20. Bob G says:

    The wait staff treatment principle is spot on whether you are talking paramours, friends, business associates, or even politicians.

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