7 Year Criminal Background Checks… What's That? – Background Screening Tips and Tech – Episode 13

7 Year Criminal Background Checks… What’s That? – Background Screening Tips and Tech – Episode 13

On this episode we clear up some of the confusion around what a 7-year criminal background check is or can be.

Establishing a history of addresses reported or utilize by an applicant going back 7 years will give a background screening partner the ability to look for criminal records in all counties of residence going back that far.

The 7-year reportability of convictions and non-convictions is governed by where the employer and/or applicant are located because state rules govern if non-conviction within 7 years or beyond 7 years can be reported. In some states criminal records with a disposition date beyond 7 years cannot be reported.

Keep in mind that often times having too much history on an applicant can lead to longer turnaround times, increased cost and most importantly having eyes on information that is not reportable and should not be used for a hiring decision.

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8 thoughts on “7 Year Criminal Background Checks… What's That? – Background Screening Tips and Tech – Episode 13”

  1. What questions do you have about the 7 Year Criminal Background Check that we might have missed on this episode?

  2. I live in Texas, it has been 7 years and 8 months since my misdemeanor charge. I have lived in one county most of my life.

  3. If some one was convicted of a crime in a different county that he doesn’t live in. And we run a county back ground check that he just resides in, will that conviction pop up in the search ? Two totally different counties. Thank you !

  4. if arrested in 2012 for offense plead guilty got probation but got convicted in 2017 does my 7 year background goes back to 2013 or 2017

  5. Hi, could you kindly provide any information regarding getting a national level criminal background check done on oneself in India.

  6. The main question is can a convicted felon go get a higher paying job and it not be on the background check after 7 years??

    It may isn’t a definitive answer. @santoniinvestigations

  7. When applying to rent an apartment typically how far do they go back on criminal back ground checks

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