8 Plane Crashes Caused by Human Error | Smithsonian Channel

Between miscommunication, mistakes, and inexperience, human error was to blame for these 8 plane crashes.

0:00 – Intro to 8 Plane Crashes Caused by Human Error
0:17 – #8 A Warning Ignored
4:10 – #7 Underpaid & Overworked Pilots
8:00 – #6 Poor Training
10:27 – #5 Silencing a Warning
11:47 – #4 A Trainee Abandoned
13:12 – #3 Ignoring Supplemental Oxygen
16:17 – #2 Deadly Distraction
19:22 – #1 The Wrong Kind of Experience

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45 thoughts on “8 Plane Crashes Caused by Human Error | Smithsonian Channel”

  1. Megan Hoffer says:

    These videos always remind me why people say the safest way to travel is on AMERICAN jetliners.

  2. Todd Marshall says:

    11:09 what’s with the wave on the scope?

  3. Swati Mulay says:

    I love this show

  4. Gemstone901 1 says:

    Wait a minute.
    That pilot looks familiar 21:27

  5. Skiknight says:

    So now if you see a cameraman get the H*ll off!

  6. Anangh M K says:

    11:24 "flaps…flaaaps…flaps"

  7. Ginx says:

    It's hard to know how people survive these

  8. mistracy39 says:

    I don't like how the Asian pilots are too afraid to say anything to their captain because of some kind of ancient ancestral respect or honor? .. rather than speak up and try to save their own lives!

  9. Floating Goose says:

    I dislike the way they dramatize these

  10. Dave LaBute says:

    That's ALL the coverage flight 255 gets?
    Not even close to the whole cause…

  11. Onkel Marvin says:

    No matter what really caused ANY crash, Boeing and Airbus will always try to blame the pilots. It makes you think, of how many pilots had their careers destroyed, because these two giants, are unwilling to admit their planes are not flawless !!!!!!

  12. Buz zz says:

    The first one, why the pilot didn't the engineer

  13. A A says:

    It would be interesting to know the percentage of planes that crash at night to those in daylight.

  14. Terry Offord says:

    Whyis noisy music used to 'dramatist' plane crash videos. the actual accidents are bad enough without having to struggle listening to voice overs mixed with ridiculous noisy music. Get professional for Goodness sake. Terry Offord

  15. Fista Divi Amesia says:

    What happend on the korean one is that the captain and the fo was in the military and the fo was a lower rank and the captain was an higher rank and the fo wouldnt talk saying that the captains adi wasnt working and the flight engineer did say something about it but the captain trusted his ADI which was mailfuntioning.

  16. stonefacewiththedrip says:

    The 1st one be like: bruh u good?

  17. South Force says:

    #6 was cut short?

  18. Dabrice Jones says:


  19. Valerie Johnson says:

    Looking at these deadly flights resembles life. If you're, distressed, distracted, don't heed the warnings and pray ,etc, your life could ultimately crash and burn
    (Also team work)

  20. ItsJustAlfie says:

    if a 747 can takeoff and land at stansted why is there no long haul flights out of stansted

  21. khai's productions says:

    4:31 what langguage is he speaking?

  22. Modest Duck Gaming says:

    3:35 history lesson go BRRRRRRRRRRR

  23. Girish kumar Das says:

    Please post complete videos.

  24. bassicz says:

    8 plane crashes? Misleading title

  25. EzekielPH Official says:

    Because still watching XD

  26. Alfredo Gullunan says:

    I love watching airplanes crashes but all passengers,crew and pilots are saved.I love to Watch it.

  27. slavik k says:

    The first one was gone in 60 seconds

  28. Kevin Finnerty says:

    Aren’t ALL plane crashes human error?? Either pilots, or maintenance on the ground. Or air traffic control.

  29. Esteban says:


  30. Fizzylazer says:

    I got an expedia ad, tempting my morbid curiosity. They know me too well.

  31. Tech-San says:

    That was a lot of suspenseful music in the first crash..

  32. Chungwei Wang says:

    The grotesque production arespectively test because donald scully bolt besides a clever coach. inquisitive, defiant sparrow

  33. Katryn Little says:

    Anything man made could go wrong

  34. DeXeZ -_- says:

    I watched one of these now my recommended is filled

  35. Caleb Begley says:

    "Crews are trained to trust their instruments over their senses."

    Me: Um…I'm no pilot, but there are these things called windows…

  36. Chungwei Wang says:

    The productive brake firstly entertain because client potentially bow till a bent barometer. painstaking, oafish jellyfish

  37. Michael says:

    Oh hello Yaaaanis!

  38. dj enzo24 says:

    I don't care about rank if I realize we're about to crash I'm gonna speak up I'd rather be disrespectful and alive

  39. Syed Nayeem Uddin says:

    At 4:25 how do you breathe?

  40. house of beans says:

    i don’t understand why i like watching these

  41. Hawkins James says:


  42. Anne LeFevre says:

    Stupid cultures!

  43. Ronald Chin-A-Lien says:

    That first 747 crash, i mean how is the first captain ignoring his Instrument?? I mean isn t he seated?? Can t he feel that he‘s leaning over to much with this huge 747?? Has nothing to do with hierarchy. Even as a passenger u can feel it when a plane is bending over. Come on now

  44. Bernadette Madondo says:

    Flight 708…6 months without any salaries?? It's sad to see a pilot moonlighting in a bar, just to make ends meet. Looks like a suicide mission tough.

  45. ashvin pinto says:

    Air india express flight 812 pls

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