8 Signs of a Possible Job Offer!

8 Signs of a Possible Job Offer! // How to know if the interview went well? What are signs for a possible offer? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves every time we come from an interview. In this video, we’ll talk about what are some good signs you got the job after an interview, signs they will hire you, or signs you will get the job after the 2nd interview.

People have been asking what are the ways to know if your job interview went well, or signs you will get the job after the 2nd interview, or how to tell if a phone interview went well. Well, I have finally compiled the answers to all these questions.

After your interview, you would usually ask yourself, “How did my job interview go, was my job interview successful?” This video will show you exactly what are the good signs after a job interview and what are the signs your interview went well.

We’ll also talk about what are the signs from the interviewer you want to watch out and signs a job offer is coming.

If you recently came from an interview, how well did your interview go?

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27 thoughts on “8 Signs of a Possible Job Offer!”

  1. A video made for future tripping? Don’t deal in assumptions based on zero evidence. The only evidence is the offer itself. The rest of it consists of mind reading and future tripping. Terrible mindset to promote to people.

  2. I had a Skype Interview few days days back and it went well as the interviewer was able to understand all my answers without any further questions and agreeing with it also they told me at the last they will make me meet there Central team once they are done with other candidates. Also when I followed up after a week the HR instantly replied that they are still in the interview process and will give me feedback shall I consider this as a positive sign?

  3. These are positive signs. However, it really depends on the employer. Sometimes the priorities shift, they change the role requirements, or they have no fucking clue what they're trying to recruit for. That's usually when you see the long turnaround times for responses, and periods of silence.

    But if the company is 1) moving fast 2) growing quickly and 3) really need someone right away – AND you're the right fit, they will reflect that in the hiring process. So hopefully for every few shitty employers you interview with, a good one like this meets with you.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Thank you so much for your tips, Self Made Millennial. Your videos are really cool and effective. In fact, I was able to to get a job using your advice.

  5. In my experience if the interview felt really good it means I won't get an offer. I generally get offers from the interviews that felt the most like a waste of time. I stopped trying to figure out if it went well or not.

  6. Yes, I was misled badly! I got an email to connect people and my interviewer was attached and sung praises about me and said that she was excited to work with me… later that day they gave the job to someone else.

  7. I got interview yesterday Friday @ 2:30pm the interview went well she discussed salary, working hours company and said your hired and all details will be given by the HR but this will defend on my background check and reference she said. What does this mean? I have not received any email or call from them. Ops today is Saturday

  8. I've been led on the vast majority of the time, and the company ghosted me to boot. No feedback, no nothing. Signs mean nothing and barely anyone can be trusted.

  9. Had one interview where they asked for references (one of the signs). They reached out to my references with apparently nothing but great things to say about me.

    Well I followed up a week later and they said they were still processing candidates’ referrals. Cool.

    Fast forward to 2 weeks later, I didn’t get the job. I mean, it’s frustrating to hear this hollow praise just to be rejected.

  10. A job interview is only aced if you receive a job offer. Everything else is fluff. Getting the job is all that matters. Not being shown the office, nor meeting other team members (who have the job BTW and you're just TRYING to get it).

    If someone tells you they aced the interview, ask them when their start date is. Most times they didn't ace anything. There are often times you go to an interview and you're dead on arrival because the CIO's son just graduated from college and needs a job. Or your skin tone/voice/gender may have cost you.

  11. The best one I ever had was they gave me the offer, had me fill out all of the paperwork plus drug test, and then called me a matter of days before my start date and stated they weren't going to be hiring anymore. I was pissed and my sass came out and I was like "You realize I put my two weeks in" this lady had the nerve to say "you put your two weeks in before you started?" Like bro, when else am I going to put it in? Since then, whenever a friend is looking for a job I tell them not to apply there (won't say it here though) and those that don't listen that go in there end up being miserable and I have to hold my tongue to not say I told them so.

  12. Got the phone interview today I hope it went ok she said she doing outer interviews to do. But if I make it she will call me for meeting interview

  13. It's been over a month at a hospital system in my state, I was informed by the recruiter that I did really well, & that they're working diligently to get me in. Strangly enough, they didn't ask for references during the Zoom interview. I sent several follow up emails & the answer was the same 'I did great & they like me, my info is still sitting on the director's desk'. It's been just over a month & no offer. I sent one more quick follow up email a few days ago & no reply from the recruiter. This hospital is famous for taking a long time to make an offer. But when should I feel like it's time to just give up that I'll ever get an offer? I'm in a bit of a time crunch.

  14. Point #1 – not all companies give our interviewers information most of the time you only have recruiters email and that recruiter is way too busy to respond to emails as thank you letter or status
    Part #3 we give all our candidates tour because we want them to calm down before they meet their first panelist
    Part #4 coordinators job is to work around your schedule it’s their goal to get you to interview for them so they will work around your availability first
    Part #5 if it goes short you and your interviewers may be super efficient and speak fast or your responses took so long that the interview got extended because they want to ask all of their questions

  15. I hate interviews. It is not an accurate way to measure someone's abilities. Employers should, instead, test an employee out to see if they are a good fit.

  16. I just have a final panel interview. I've watched all your video. Hoping to get a response by the end of the week.

  17. I had an interview with 4 hiring managers but was only able to get one of their business cards. There was no reply to my thanks email but i know they were checking my references. Due to covid there was no tour but they let me see the operations from a viewing window.

  18. After an internal interview, my manager told me l did exceptionally well.
    Someone else got the job. My manager told me l will be given a secondment role on another ward at the level l applied for only to tell me later l did not answer the questions as expected, received an unjustified PIP few weeks after!

  19. Live the content as always, but I keep looking in the comments and descriptions of your videos and can't find the answer: any chance for a link make/model of your chair? It looks fantastic and the exact style I need for my home office.

  20. recently everything looked rosy.. I was waiting for offer but last moment I got rose full of thorns..after waiting for nearly 1 month..

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