8 Ways You Could Get RESCINDED From College

Just got accepted into your dream school? Congrats—but you should know that the college acceptance and college decisions is not guaranteed. Colleges could rescind you from their school under certain and specific circumstances. You do NOT want to get rescinded from your college. Here are 8 ways you could get rescinded from college. From lying on your application to failing your classes to making racist statements, you should definitely not do any of the things on this list.

This is some great free college counseling advice for all high school students wishing to get into schools in the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and many other schools. We want you to have a great college decision reaction!

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10 thoughts on “8 Ways You Could Get RESCINDED From College”

  1. Henry Gao says:

    Hi Jeffrey! This is Henry! Your friend Joshuas little brother! Love ur vids!

  2. Evalkyrie says:

    This happened to me last year to Devry university for shooting a sniper bullet straight into the sky

  3. TheMysticalDortle says:

    What happens when you get accepted ED to a colleges and you withdrawal all other college applications and then your acceptance get rescinded? What do you do?

  4. SuntannedFish9 says:

    Do you think schools will have some leniency/flexibility considering online school? I’m trying harder than I ever have before, but my grades are falling around a letter or two each at the worst

  5. Fuq u Plz says:

    Thanks for the tutorial

  6. Ben weinmann says:

    I got deferred from babson lol

  7. Anjali Nuka says:

    so if there isn't too much or any negative change in your senior year academics compared to the rest of highschool you should be good and won't get rescinded?

  8. Вася Пупкин says:

    ED is not EA. Don't confuse people. Read every college policy in early applications

  9. Shivam Patel says:

    I got one D is that ok for like Georgia Tech

  10. High Ground says:

    TLDW; don't be an idiot

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