911 Dispatcher – A Day in the Life

Spend a day with MetCom Dispatcher Sara Shover as she answers 911 calls, provides information to crews over the radio, provides a behind the scenes tour and lives out a typical day at South Metro Fire Rescue’s 911 Communications Center.

MetCom is a secondary public safety answering point (PSAP) handling fire and medical dispatching for approximately 1,600 square miles of Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson Counties. The crew of dispatchers provide service to South Metro, Bennett, Byers, Deer Trail, Sable Altura, Strasburg and West Douglas County Fire Districts.

There are 3 shifts of 7 personnel who work 24-hour shifts. For employment information please visit www.southmetro.org


38 thoughts on “911 Dispatcher – A Day in the Life”

  1. Isaiah Jose says:

    Is she super tired or super high?

  2. Jim Bishop says:

    I have 27 years in volunteer fd. We are county dispatch people have no idea how valuable you guys are I was a chief for 5 years it makes a huge difference when you go to a call and have a good dispatch center thank you for what you do and your service

  3. Serena Salazar says:

    My dream job! This video is very educational and detailed thank you.

  4. Lemon_to_go says:

    I could watch them work all day

  5. Wade Simpson says:

    Good morning family!!!! Amanda called out sick. 🙂 What a shock. She was probably hung over. Perkins didn’t make the family that morning.

  6. Luke Rebuke says:

    this job is really, really intense! I used to be a dispatcher for our ambulance in Austria. I also worked for roadside assistance.
    Therefore, massive respect for you guys in Colorado!

  7. Frank Perez says:

    Very awesome and informative video. I have some interviews coming up for the Greenbay, WI Dispatch center. Wish me luck!

  8. ShadowJP3012 says:

    We need more dispatchers like her! Thank you so much!

  9. OscarMike says:

    Did I hear that right? Did you say your shift is 24 hours?

  10. Lucky Tlhalerwa says:

    She speaks like micheal jackson did, slowish smooth calming…

  11. Autumn Wicinski says:


  12. shoreshidoshi says:

    What is their rotation ? On 24 hours and then off for how long?

  13. B G says:

    Is that intagraph dispatch system?

  14. Aviation Knowledge says:

    So did I understand it correctly? They locate your phone instantly so that they precisely know you location without you having to search for an street sign? Ist that legal? In Germany e.g. it wouldn't be legal

  15. Marshall Paulikens says:

    Those desks are Awesome. I know they are essential, given her job, but they are still really cool, and its nice that (whoever) sprung for them.

  16. SoCalFreelance says:

    Great overview. Feels good when you're completely dialed in and know you can handle any situation that comes your way.

  17. Liam Cooney says:

    I used to fly for Pictometry! I never knew much about who exactly used our product honestly (mainly there to fly the plane). But to see a dispatcher using the product in real time is pretty amazing and makes me feel good about the work I did. This was an amazing video!

  18. aleksandar petkovski says:

    It s same and with distpach in Taxy company you must to knows all street s and regions. You not have time to eat when have more phone call s specialy when is rainy or is some event or christmas.

  19. Scott Page USMC says:

    Within a mile from my house.
    Nice to see it on here!

  20. Max Dutton says:


  21. Swiss Bike says:

    america: cooling down the room so hard that they have to put on a heater
    swiss people will never understand this logic xD

  22. Chris Simpson says:

    Hey! So I live in a smaller town not super small but not super big. And I’m wanting to be a dispatch and I have no idea how to apply. Any tips?

  23. Lauren Brooks says:

    That sounds so hard

  24. movax20h says:

    Why do they do 24 hours long shifts? That doesn't make much sense to me. Why not 12 hours shifts?

  25. Natedog says:

    what a fantastic set up they have and what an outstanding job they do! kudos to all of them on saving our lives!

  26. Kauldron says:

    They should at least you pay 100k/year for this job, it sounds too stressful and will impact your mental health drastically.

  27. David Rubuliak says:

    Do you watch tv and do you watch sports channel on your tv

  28. Maxim says:

    "Is he awake?" Yes
    "Is he breathing?" ………………………………… for real?

  29. JJL Tactical Solutions says:

    I will retire in 8 years as a law enforcement officer and want to start a new career as a 911 dispatcher. I hope I can pass the test.

  30. jan Nissen says:

    She is cute.

  31. NotSoCoolTony says:

    teacher: no devices in this class.

    kids in the back:

  32. Lennie Davis says:

    I watched the whole video and i laughed at myself because i was most excited and interested when she started showing the desk and how it can move up and down. That was so cool! I so want one!

  33. Jake William says:

    Man she looks exhausted

  34. Jake William says:

    Snaps indeed it's all the things behind the scenes that should get most of the credit in life

  35. Gencturk92 says:

    I thought emergency service dispatchers would have a lot of staff, this looks like a 9-5 job. think about the amount of people who need an emergency every second counts

  36. bcrcndr says:

    Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse on this amazing job.

  37. ashuhleaaa says:

    I love that she is working for my city. ✨

  38. Drones 863 says:

    Not going to lie looks confusing as hell

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