A Background Check Or Administrative Processing? Which Is It?

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Immigration attorney Josh Goldstein discusses whether this email means that your visa is in Administrative Processing, or if it could be in the midst of a background check.


6 thoughts on “A Background Check Or Administrative Processing? Which Is It?”

  1. My petition was filed 2018 n was filed by my son who is a us citizen had my interview on 24may 2019 n still we have not recived our pasports means me n husband whenever we.check our status on the given websites it comes ur case is in administrative.processing it has been more then a year we had our interview in islamabad what should i do my email address is [email protected]gmail.com

  2. Hello sir can you explain What is mean when they.returen back all orginal documents and 221g my passport and they asked to send more informstion on thier E mail ! Why they gave me all of that someone said they won't aporove my case anymore is that rigt ? Thank you

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