A New Beginning, Ep. 3: Criminal Background Checks for Employment

In this video I explain in detail how criminal background checks are conducted here in Germany. You’ll find that the procedure is very different from that of the US.


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  1. Good video as always. It's always educational to watch these and only if America was like Germany. Germany even has a program that helps people with treatment before they offend sexually if they choose to without threat of arrest. There needs more education, a German like background check here but that might not happen.

  2. Good video it's amazing to see people that still have common sense and a little compassion and forgiveness, America is a country full of victims that want retribution on any and everyone they can Inflict it on , the background check just makes sense the arrest and privacy makes sense , america is shame based punishment . God bless you brother , I'm watching and thinking Trust me

  3. Great video. I have just recently found your channel through W. A. R. I can only say, keep it up!! Great work. I am seriously thinking of moving to Europe and Germany i great. Been there a few times in the past. I wil be sending you an email.

  4. It seems like such a common sense that if you treat people like individuals with their own unique stories as opposed to cattle with a number that everybody benefits.
    Thanks as always for your videos. Keep up the great work.

  5. Great video, I'm still in awe of the differences between "the greatest country in the world" and Europe. Realizing that the system here in the states is to keep people down and not rehabilitate at all. Thanks so much for keeping us informed on the conditions surrounding you and your move overseas. Always, best wishes

  6. How are you dealing with the language differences? I don’t speak any foreign languages, so that’s one of my main concerns about getting out of the states.

  7. A popular company in America that does background checks is called Talent Wise. They will even tell the company you’re applying for that you are not able to be hired.

  8. germany sounds too good to be true. i'm so happy for you that you have regained some semblance of a normal existence. kudos to you and all your efforts that have paid huge dividends for you. i wish you continued success and happiness. thanks so much for sharing your story. it's such a breath of fresh air… rob in dallas…

  9. I read your story, sort of stumbled into it while looking up helicopter escapes from prison, pretty amazing story, then I googled you and found your videos. Wish you the best.

  10. Watching every one of your videos and all I can say is " Wow, Are you serious? Yo, this man is awesome"
    Like we are humans… we make mistakes….
    One mistake shouldn't be the determining factor of the fate of someone's life.

  11. Thank you so much fkr making your videos. Each one really is infirmative and insightful. It shows more of how "the great country of freedom" is really only good for those who don't break the laws or has enough money to buy their way out of any trouble. Every time I see more vids for my worst case it makes me wish more that this country would truly be like Europe in the rehabilitation part instead of being more for constant punishment with rehabilitation being nothing but a joke to put it plainly. Politicians and others in power only want to keep getting richer by making insane laws that keep punishing even crimes that should just be misdemeanors at best yet are claimed as felony ones. Again to end on a good note it's great to see your moving on with a good life and are happy.

  12. I know this is a channel for SO's, but honestly, there's a fair amount of good life advice in general here.

  13. I have a question. Don't know if you addressed this in another video, but how much money would you say a person needs to relocate to Europe?

  14. 1:12 US background checks are a joke. Especially employment history. Many in the USA think being bullied at a Job and leaving it is a bad thing and I witness such bullying on a daily basis and told the boss and nothing happened. I find many of the US criminal background checks so stupid that they fired someone 28 years later in all cases a sex offense conviction after doing a updated background check.

  15. I've been watching your videos and finding it very promising for my situation. As a Canadian, I feel it is not much better than the U.S. as far a ostracization goes or lack of rehabilitation. I probably misunderstood something but I feel there is flaw in your explanation. You say that they send you the criminal background check by mail to your home/apartment. But in the part 2 you say that to get an apartment, you need a work contract. You can't get the job because you can't receive the CB check. What I am missing? Do you allow me to send you an email ?

  16. Wow, imagine a government that isn't adversarial to its citizens. Now American government adversity has become so extreme, that even corporate and cultural America have lined up in lockstep behind it.

  17. The only jobs that don’t do background checks are sign holders, sign spinners and flyer distribution or delivery. I remember working with some one as a sign holder who was convicted as a child molestor 20 years ago.

  18. @Common Sense Laws  please contact me. I am a ex inmate who was convicted of a crime that was (or wasn't) committed when I was 17. My guilt not innocence should not be important. But I served 8 years in prison for a crime that was not a felony. In fact I have no felonies on my record. More than have of that sentence was due to a "special sentence" which allowed my state to give me a 10 year parole( far exceeding the states and federal limitations of the crime) after I served my 2 year sentence. I do not believe I deserve this label for the rest of my life for something that could have been committed when I was a minor. However I am still required to register for life. I am interested in asylum. I have and infant daughter and a fiance, who are also subject to these laws due to these requirements the state has given me. I want out. I feel I deserve a second chance at life. I have never had the opportunity to go to college, and probably never will. I am forced to study on my own but I will never get acknowledged for these studies because I can not get a degree in college due to their refusal to allow me in.

  19. It's inspiring to know that Europe sees things so much different and shows compassion. I have so much vitriol for the US at this point in my life I don't even want the association as an American. I pray that in the future that for all its evil it comes back ten fold for America. I once asked an American attorney in my town about the court system what would the result be if no one took the plea bargin? He said oh my, the entire legal system would come crumbling down. That made me happy lol.

  20. same with england they copy the us and make your life hell they tell people what you been to prison for and then they lie to the police and you gone back to prison for lies

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