Accenture Complete Doc Verification Tasks | Complete Insufficiency Task | Accenture Off Campus 2021

Accenture Complete Doc Verification Tasks | Complete Insufficiency Task | Accenture Off Campus 2021

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45 thoughts on “Accenture Complete Doc Verification Tasks | Complete Insufficiency Task | Accenture Off Campus 2021”

  1. Mam If online copy of the marksheet has college logo, college name and Dean Exam's signature then is attestation necessary?

  2. Ma'am I received my admit card today , in admit card , due to typo error my University roll number is wrong how can I rectify it, Can I change in future ma'am

  3. If there is slight mistake in percent while applying in Accenture and in documents it vary… Then do they reject students??

  4. When did they give ous to upload documents after the loi letter ??did they give other mail to upload the documents?? Or sams mails in task mails ?

  5. Mene offer accept kiya h aaj per aisa tasks me document upload ka option nhi aaya. Baad me aaega kya??

  6. Did any one got mail for document submission?..because they told to upload documents in 2 days …and according to that, today is the last day….I have only one task till now which was for accepting loi…..

  7. Mam i just have my 123 semmarks card, but i don't have 45 sems as results are not yet released, 6th sem results to be written. How to upload all those
    But now upload documents option is removed
    What to do? Whom to contact? Many people are suffering from this

  8. I had 3 backlogs in history but now I don't have any backlogs. How do I submit my marksheet??? answer please

  9. Hello mam..? I have one supply waiting for results …so now i can upload my documents is there any chance to rejection

  10. Those who passed with backlogs they will be having each marksheet differently how they should upload?

  11. Mam to upload documents
    It is required to upload original document photos or is there any digital copy of documents is okay….

    And I heard that for digital copy we have to give the college approval or like that….
    Is it true or not…..

  12. what should I put in primary skill/competency section….can i put technical skills there or just soft skills?

  13. If we have done all this process but dont want to join the company later?
    It will not cause any problem no?

  14. Ma'am at the time of registration i entered 12th percentage as 95.6 according to top 5…now i got to know its mandatory to consider english its 92.8..will it be a problem??

  15. what to do if all three preferred job location is not given and some other location is given after accepting offer letter

  16. Hi mam ..!I hav a backlog for 6th semester …Is this can be a prblm for me?pls let me know mam…

  17. Is there anyone who got his/her interview results on 3rd june and didn't get the mail to upload the documents yet?

  18. I successfully completed assessment .but when started coding assessment got it networks issues .sir once again retest will did conduct?

  19. Mam today I got mail for document upload and task completion but I didn't received any. Mail to accept loi

  20. I have accepted their offer and finished pre onboarding learning. But unfortunately got a backlog in my 7th semester and it requires sometime to clear it. So what i need to do before joining. Will they be cancelling my offer due to this. Can anyone please help?

  21. I got selected and got task but I didn't get letter of intent loi…what is the reason

  22. Hey please reply.. If a document gets rejected in accenture.. within how much time I can resubmit it?? Is it 24 hours or 10 days?

  23. Those who have backlog and cleared it, contains 2

    I have applied 2memos in one picture and uploaded

    If any one want I share the link there you can make 2 pictures of memos into 1

  24. Hi
    Previously at the time lo registration I have uploaded pan card but in my pan card my first name was (my name) last name was ( my surname) I mentioned same in first and last name blocks
    But all my certificates have my first name as( my surname) so I have applied for new pan card. But I will be able to upload e-pan( soft copy) card only.
    In my loi my name is same as previous pan card
    Now can I change my first name and last name??
    Can I keep my passport as govt id proof?
    Will there be a problem if I change my first name and last name now as per my new pan card?
    Please let me know.

  25. In my semester details it has automatically taken as 10+dip+graduation but I'm 10+12+graduation . And I'm unable to change it what can I do.

  26. In Accenture after completing rejected task(i.e taking necessary action) , how many days it takes for approval?

  27. I do not have 1st and 2nd semester marksheets and our college does not even give online marksheets… I can only get my marksheets when the college reopens. What should I do ?

  28. My only problem is that i have given the different email id in resume and i have different email id in my personal details the one in the personal details i cannot change it and the one in the resume i cant change because i have subimitted my resume so what to do now . How can i raise a querry.

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