Air Force Background Check – How to Prepare

Hey Future Airman! GRAB A NOTEBOOK FOR THIS ONE!! When you join the Air Force you have to take a background check and fill out SO MUCH information! It’s a little stressful, so I figured I would try to ease the stress and help you prepare ahead of time! Get ready to take notes on all of the information that you have to fill out, so you can start gathering that info now and make your life SO MUCH easier when you go to take your Air Force background check!

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0:00 – How to prepare for the Air Force background check
0:34 – Online background check
1:15 – How long the background check takes
1:36 – Prepare sooner than later
2:02 – Air Force background check categories
2:40 – Basic Information
5:42 – Housing
7:18 – Education
8:15 – Employment
9:50 – Family and Friends
11:28 – Foreign Contacts
11:32 – Foreign Travel
12:16 – Criminal Record
12:42 – Financial History
15:11 – Be Honest

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Airman Vision is run by Kyle Gott and his wife Makenna Gott. Kyle is an Air Force Veteran who got out after 6 years of service as a Staff Sergeant E-5. He started making videos on this channel to document his journey joining the United States Air Force. He went to MEPS on February 8, 2012 and left for Air Force BMT on January 8, 2013. His date of separation from the Air Force is January 7, 2019. Makenna is starting her process of joining the Air Force after wanting to for over 9 years. She swore into the Air Force on January 15th, 2021 and is currently in the Delayed Entry Program waiting to hear her job selection and ship out date for BMT. The videos on this channel represent the individual opinions of those speaking and do not reflect thoughts of the Air Force, DOD, or US Government.


28 thoughts on “Air Force Background Check – How to Prepare”

  1. My son had the Single Scope Background Check. It took six months. He is in the Space Force. Thank you for your service and all the videos you make. You are precious.

  2. What you dont know…. The Government captures your URL and cell phone info and scrubs the internet for your activity online.
    My background check was pretty uneventful, and transparent, until I got PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to Germany. After being in the AF for 2 years already, my security clearance was being increased with my job and duty station change. I found out the FBI visited and interviewed at least one of my high school teachers.
    Moral of the story, you will be continually monitored while in the AF…. especially your online activity. That will effect your AF career, and your ability to re-enlist, and promotions.
    Lying on any of these documents disqualifies you from enlistment. If you are 'passed over' for enlistment, more than likely the AF found something they didnt like, but wont tell you directly. They really dont want to hear your rebuttal.
    Be honest with your recruiter from day one. Tell him anything you think that might be an issue. If he says "Sorry, I dont think we can use you"…. Try the Army… No kidding, the Army standards are much lower than the Air Force. USAF is top notch, and can pick the cream of the crop. Other branches, not so much. Also, consider the National Guard, or Reserves.

  3. I submitted mine yesterday, but under basic information I listed my mom, dad, and brother as "not dependents" because they are not my dependents, I am dependent on my parents. Was this correct?

  4. Posted a comment to you Makenna, sending you best wishes & A thank you -as well as enlisting in my hometown Huntsville,Alabama ( Redstone Arsenal) from my Military family to yours including all listening & watching. Now, my post has disappeared, not sure if you deleted or what happened to it to edit

  5. They do all this before MEPS? I thought this was done later I heard people say the process was still on going in basic

  6. I remember the whole joining process being a pain in the ass. I also got married in the middle of my waiting period, so my recruiter had to fix some paperwork. Such a pain, but my recruiter was pretty chill.

  7. What if you don't have a really good relationship with your parents and siblings and can't really get the information where they were born?

  8. Do you go through the security check systematically if you enroll or does this depend on the job you choose?
    I am not American

  9. Important for successfully receiving a high security clearance. Several friends of mine sat in limbo after tech school while things were sorted out..

  10. When does a Private Investigator contact the people on the list? Do they contact everyone you listed?

  11. Do a video on LOC, LOR, Article 15, ARIs, discharge, etc. Not everyone will get in trouble, but good to know what to expect if you do. (I can share if anyone needs help)

  12. I am in grad school with expected graduation date of October. I have student loans from my BA as well, totaling around $50k for both degrees. I also co-signed on a new vehicle for my former partner (not married) and have not had any communication with them for over 2 years. My name is still on the vehicle/loan, as they would not remove my name. They were delinquent in payments for around 3 months in 2019. Will any of this impact my process when applying for ANG?

  13. I've had difficulty with taxes and forms, perhaps because I'm autistic.
    I do definitely want to serve in some defense department, because I think I could contribute to solving cybersecurity goals.

  14. I just filled out my papers today im freaking out because I hope they don't hold my credit check against me

  15. I'm in the canadian forces, I have no reason to be watching this but I just gotta support! Excited for you, hope its going well

  16. wait. you had to go back 10 years? i only had to go back 7 years… submitted mine a few weeks ago. It was called a "casefile" there was a "background information" section filled with a lot of yes, no check boxes…

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