Airline Hiring Tips from a Gate Agent

Here’s some tips that helped me as well as a background story of how I obtained my airline job. Hope it helped you in some way!


38 thoughts on “Airline Hiring Tips from a Gate Agent”

  1. Hi, I watched your video once now twice and want to ask you something your job need to know a lot about computer? Because I really love aviation and airports in the world, please may you answer my question, please I shall be appreciated bye thanks for your interest and amazing video bye.

  2. Does getting a ticket agent job depend on the the city you live in? I live in Tampa if that makes a difference.

  3. This is my first comment on a YouTube video. You did excellent, very clear, positive,yet realistic in your expectations. Keep up the good positive work!

  4. Hello Sinoti I applied to to customer service gate agent /check what is the process of hiring from beginning to end I just passed my first assessment online anyone who's gone trough the process of hiring please let me know

  5. Helpful info. Thank you. Is there such a thing and someone already working inside referring someone? Dors that help?

  6. Good tips, I volunteered at Sunrise assisted living and I volunteered about 6 months and worked hard and they wanted me to come in and work at nights The gal that interviewed me named Jessica said on the interview I don't need any money and I want to give all the volunteers the opportunity I thought why did you accept my job application and put me on the interview to tell me you're not going to hire me when you just didn't accept my job application and she did it in her office and sat next to me and treated me like a boyfriend and she had all the coordinators show up for the interview and then told them she didn't need them. I always thought It would be fun to work for JetBlue airlines to work at home because I saw it on the news one time.

  7. I still keep applying. I'm glad I'm not the only one waiting. I applied 11/9/2019 for this airline job, about a month after I took an hour long assignment they sent me, now it's 2/21/2020. Still waiting to hear back… wasn't too sure if that was normal. Usually they'd email me back denying me

  8. Enjoyed the video but wish you would have given actual examples of the types of questions that someone could expect to answer during airline job interviews.

  9. SO I need help. This process has been ongoing for a year and a half. I started applying for a flight attendant, but after 8 interviews, video and face to face, rejection after rejection, I decided to apply for Passenger Service Agent. Now I'm getting rejected from them. I do research, bring all dociments they ask for, dress sharp, smile, answer every question well, with sixteen years of customer service experience, including medical, I have ZERO criminal history, so what is it that all of you people (who successfully get this job) do that I don't? Or what is it that you have that I don't have?

  10. Hi im Jacqueline im try to for the airline too but i dont know can you please help me out ive been more the 6 months with out a job that no one wont hire me please me get a job at the airline.

  11. I'm not sure if I want to be a gate agent but I'm looking into possible jobs at an airport and your job area sounds somewhat appealing to me. If I do decide on being a gate agent how can I find jobs for being a gate agent at My local Airport? When i google search i cant find anything:( Also do I need any certain type of education or experience, any special requirements like that i should know about?

  12. I had the job and this lady asked me if I knew anyone from the company and I said no but I have spoken to one of the guys in the front. She automatically assumed he had gotten me the job and I never heard back from them.

  13. I recently have had an interest in working for an airline, preferably American or Southwest, but i don’t necessarily live near my Airport. Plus to get there, id have to cross downtown and im not good at waking up early assuming id get morning shifts

  14. Can you move up on the job or get better opportunities? And what are they? I’m trying to get my degree but I don’t know what to get it in I want this to be my forever career but I want to move up with opportunities

  15. Hey, I have an assessment workday next week and it says its for 3 hours. I wanna know what assessments did u do and what was the 1 question asked please

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