Amazon Day – 1 | Which laptop you get? | Orientation Program | Background Verification.

This video is all about my complete Amazon interview experience as an interviewee.

Will share my journey and experience as a Amazon interview 😉 in the next video.

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38 thoughts on “Amazon Day – 1 | Which laptop you get? | Orientation Program | Background Verification.”

  1. Santosh Deshpande says:

    I gave the interview today on Amazon chime for TRON Associate. Just 10 minutes interview it was very basic questions asked by manager! Like phone number, mail & personal introduction & job description..when can i expect results & may i get selected??

  2. Subhomoy Roy Choudhury says:

    I am a 3rd year btech student. How can I apply for an internship in Amazon???

  3. Suankit Sharma says:

    Hello Sir
    After the interview I got a form from Amazon where I had to give my adhar card number and pan card number.
    After that it's been 2 week I didn't got any call or email from Amazon recruitment team…

    Please tell why ?

  4. Tarun says:

    Bhai hume bhi bataaa do ki Amazon se interview call kaise aataaaa hain 2 Sal se apply kar rahaaaaa hoon no reply

  5. Md khusro Baig says:

    In starting will they give training??

  6. iamudayan says:

    All this perks and benefits are only for SDE? I mean for tech background, or for non tech also?

  7. HEROX_GAMERZ says:

    Amazon mai job ke liye b. Tech chiyeee

  8. Mayur Pawar says:

    Thanks bro

  9. Rahul Roy says:

    How to get into Amazon.
    Please make a guide video

  10. FUN TIMES says:

    Relocation mtlb 1.5 nhi leke kisi or place pe shift hona hota h kya?

  11. Alex Costa says:

    I tried to search for you in phone tool, but couldn't find you, then I got to know that you left Amazon :))

  12. Mohd Khaleeq says:

    Is web development is necessary for SDE or dsa is enough?

  13. deeps chauhan says:

    sir do they charge refundable amount for document verification

  14. deeps chauhan says:

    sir do they charge refundable amount for document verification ?? please reply


    Please make a vdo on how to prepare for amazon

  16. Chetna Dilliwar says:

    Hi Pranay, I am about to join Amazon as I received my offer letter. Just wanted to know what is the policy for working mothers. Is there daycare or they provide financial support for crèche?

  17. Aditya Jindal says:

    Is these equipments are free of cost and when you get other equipment from vit machine then ??

  18. Amit Pareek says:

    BG heck mein kitna time lagta hai … Mine started 4 days ago ?

  19. Vignes wara says:

    Back ground verification in Amazon is completed before the joining date?

  20. Satish Raj says:

    I am selected for amazon business intelligence Engineer.

  21. Mohit Babel says:

    English is mandatory ?

  22. Ankit Singh says:

    . .

  23. khan 0 says:

    Bhai mujhe ek mail aaya hai
    Amezion HR se..for interview
    Mujhe ab Kiya karna chiye
    North America ke liye hai…

  24. Raghav Sharma says:

    Excited to join Amazon soon!

  25. Swaraj Hebbar says:

    How many days before we will get equipment selection email?

  26. Keya Sadhukhan says:

    Hi I would like to know how convenient it is to work on an Amazon contact role.

  27. Nisanth S says:

    Bro.. salary for "business operation specialist " for freshers..? Please tell us


    Thanks sir for making this video. This is for which office pune or Mumbai office. I really want to get in amazon but I am not able to clear the tests. Can you pls give me the tips.

  29. BALAMURUGAN M says:

    How long it took to receive mydoc email. I acknowledged my acceptance but I haven’t any email. I just checked with my recruiter he said you should have received it long time ago.

  30. vikas says:

    When you left Amazon will they give u that laptop or take back

  31. Himanshu Raj says:

    How is background verification done if you've been self-employed?

  32. Ramesh A says:

    Sir What Amazon Customer Service Associate. will get for work from home.
    Laptops or Fixed system.

  33. Aman Gupta says:

    Sir ,why u left Amazon

  34. Gyani Bekar says:

    Bhai MyDocs mein offer letter aane ke bad BGC hota hain ya fir usse pehle ho jata hai?
    Mera BGC docs ka mail 2-3din pehle aya tha.

  35. Manish Kumar - insightsDNA says:

    This one is good!

  36. Suaib Saifi says:

    Bro i wana to ask you that is interviewer get interview in English

  37. Neel Panasala says:

    I have never seen a youtuber who shares these much information ..
    Thanks to you

  38. jiyangthye sangma says:

    kya Office ke under pets allowed hai le kar jana…???

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