Amazon Flex – Background Check

VLOG 237 || 4TH MAY 2016

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41 thoughts on “Amazon Flex – Background Check”

  1. Joe Reed says:

    i lost the link for the amazon flex app something like…?. any idea on this

  2. lacsa727 says:

    Yayyyy Good newss. My Background check went thru!!! the Schedule screen was already waiting for me to start choosing my Available days and times. The Only thing that changed was the Location in Miami. DANG! im Not familiar with that New location i was asked to make deliveries. . Ohhh well I can learn.

  3. The Dent Hero says:

    question: my background says completed and so does tax info and videos. but payments section says start but I already gave my bank info?

  4. David Morrow says:

    how do you handle the drinks. do you get a lot of drink orders with the food

  5. lacsa727 says:

    Paul can you do me a favor. i would like to compare my Amazon Flex Screen with yours. something Defenetly is Not Right!? when ever i ask whomever is replying to the CONTACT US email for help. their Replies DOES NOT MATCH UP AT ALL WITH THE APP ON MY PHONE. So my questions to you are 1) What Version App do you have on your phone? 2) Tell Me is now after months using it. can You Still see the screen where the BACKGROUND CHECK is marked with a GREEN Check Mark like in the beginning. also. 3) do you have access to view or change the location (like city) where you want to Deliver or is it Assigned to you by Them just one time For e-v-e-r to deliver in that one City or town??? I'm really getting Annoyed with this Support People. They are really No Help at all. and they Will Not call Back either to answer these questions. Its like they Really Dont Care and just gi e people tthe Run-a-Round.

  6. lacsa727 says:

    From your mouth to Gauuuds Ears ARIES. Lol…. I got Bills to pay!! and one Job sure is Not cutting it.

  7. lacsa727 says:

    Hi Paul What Amazon Flex Version  do you have on your phone APP? Look Under ACCOUNT  and View the Bottom of the screen under ZERSION INFO:_____  Mine Just Updated to Version 3.0.2925.0

  8. Ludmila Gerchikov says:

    I live in Portland just like you Paul. I also became Amazon Flex partner just last week and set my availability. But there is no open blocks at all. I checked my schedule today – only grey dots no orange. I'm very dissapointed. I think they hired probably too many people so there is no open blocks.

  9. Aaron Diamond says:

    what's the point of Amazon flex I'm approved and can't even work Amazon is retarded for real what are they doing. they promote you can work as much as you want but you can't …..fraudulent advertising

  10. sourskittles772 says:

    do they drug test ?

  11. Dodjie Legaspi says:

    do you have a 800 i can call?, the email i added was incorrect,im unable to sign up because of the ssn was already used. thanks

  12. KoG GoK says:

    dood you look like an asian ogre do you grind your teeth down to look like that?

  13. Carmella says:

    people order fast food through amazon?

  14. Tyler Durden says:

    I have a couple of speeding tickets on my record in a different state than I currently live.. I think I got the first one 7 years ago..and the most recent one..6 years ago.. you think I'll still get it?

  15. Lawrence Smith says:

    how long did your background take to go through?

  16. Diddy-Fits says:

    my background check taking forever,amazon is slow as hell

  17. john paul ward says:

    Hi I have tried to upload pictures of my documents for the background check but it is telling me that The pictures exceed 1MD to try again is there a pacific way to upload them

  18. Troy Spence says:

    Hello out there. Does anyone know how far back does Amazon do their background check? Thank you, if anyone can answer the question!

  19. Perfecto Ali Salaam El says:

    just found this video. after I asked my last question.

  20. Kendall Falk says:

    Hey Paul,

    I just signed up for Flex, and I did the background check, watched all the videos. It says it takes about 25 business days, how long did it take for you?? Nothing happened when finished my last video, it just said Congratulations you've completed all the videos. There's no check mark next to the background check. So i'm just wondering.. I just signed up last night so it'll prolly be a couple days.

  21. Greg Litrell says:

    Just so every knows amazon flex goes back 10 years of background and they judge u off your past mistake if u have a felon u will be refused no expectptions

  22. Brent Price says:

    do they drug test as well?

  23. Martin Benavides says:

    What about DUI's?

  24. isaac Gee says:

    Hello how long did the background check take i completed everything im juz waiting on background check how meany days did it take ??

  25. isaac Gee says:

    Postmates denied me lol fucc em

  26. Doodle Vision says:

    Can somebody preferably more than one person let me know how long the background check actually want to taking?

  27. John Kim says:

    Hey how many days till you got a response regarding you're background check?

  28. N3utronic says:

    Its yo boy Asian akademiks

  29. Tiana Thompson says:

    How long did the background check take ?

  30. Sparky Corrigan says:

    So no ones going to mention the price l sticker on his hat points

  31. Jamie Hussain says:

    Does it cost when you have submitted your background check ?

  32. White Lamborghini goes skrrt skrrt says:

    Does the background check cost money

  33. mclroy dominguez says:

    Mr yeo! I don’t get the beard are you try to blend in with the W portlanders . I just doesn’t get these beard thing around here .

  34. Anthony Bell says:

    I have a misdemeanor can i work for the amazon warehouse i am a rehire i worked there in 2017 but i have a misdemeanor from 2018 would i get hired???

  35. Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis says:

    This was a waste of time. No actual information on a background check. Just a bunch of useless drivel. Thanks for the clickbait, jackhole

  36. Taheshia Williams says:

    So I failed my background even though I’m employed as a school bus driver so I’m confused an I don’t know who to talk to or what to do ……any suggestions

  37. Prime Clement says:

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  38. Prime Clement says:

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  39. Prime Clement says:

    Thanks to hackGod60## on iG still can't imagine how he retrieved my account successful with no lose of files

  40. LostCause Mookie says:

    Ok I signed up but the app hasn't offered me anything or taken any personal information when does that start? How do I even get far enough for a background check?

  41. Boss man Bizz says:

    So I’m assuming those tickets u had from previous years didn’t effect your background check

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