Amazon Registration Link-click here-our records…, Versant Background noise issue#Rajshekarvision

#Amazon Versant round Errors
1. Background noise issue
2. Registration Link
3. Hirepro Launching issue

We gave all the steps to fix above mentioned issues.
All the Amazon Job aspirants…. Complete Guidance & Grooming session for AMAZON Interview rounds. Hope this video will clarify all your doubts.. will help you to know & clear the Amazon Interview

Students are good, but not sure where to apply n how to apply.
Hence, recorded this video to fulfill that requirement.
Disclaimer: if any one has any issues, please revert back to me, I will remove the video

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This video is recorded only to create an awareness to the students/ job seekers on How to attend Amazon Tron & Seller support interview.

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#What webcam issues
#How to check emails updates from Amazon
#Internet connectivitity issues
#Versant and hirepro test errors


39 thoughts on “Amazon Registration Link-click here-our records…, Versant Background noise issue#Rajshekarvision”

  1. Tanushree Behera says:

    Sir i have my TRI test. Can you give me some tips for versant? Is it voice versant or typing.?

  2. Maria Khan says:

    I too had completed voice versent test 2 weeks bck but didnt get any further update till now can i know tht am i rejcted or not ???

  3. guru swarupa says:

    Hi sir this video helped me alot I had tried so many things to fix background noise issue but I didn't able to solve it bcz of this video I fixed d issue tq sm

  4. Shabina Nadaf says:

    Dont copy others video and make your self real

  5. Ayesha Vohra says:

    Hello sir I have registered before for assessment link but because of some reason l did not get the time to attend my interview… I want to apply or register again to get assessment link.. I am unable to get it shows they already have my information there is no need for further action. Can you please help me urgently.. it is SPS job profile… Please reply ASAP

  6. tanu shree says:

    Sir…i have an error which says your mic input is not clear again and again …even though i am using good to fix it?

  7. Hussain bharmal says:

    Sir I am getting failed again again can we see marks anywhere?

  8. ahalya nanu says:

    Sir, How to solve the problem of microphone check. It is showing your mic input was not clear.Please suggest me a solution sir.

  9. Swati Kumari says:

    Sir, we have to speak also in the next round and it is writing mic input is not clear again and again what to do?

  10. pradeep kumar says:

    It worked. thanks

  11. Nirmala Mudaliar says:

    Thank u so much sir… because of ur video I completed test successfully.

  12. Nirmala Mudaliar says:

    Thank u

  13. Susmita Sarkar says:

    can we take the verstant test in our mobiles or needed only the system , all rounds of amazon ? can guide i m having system issue

  14. kiruu J says:

    Hi, I was giving online test for sps associate at Amazon (wfh) however at the last round when i completed email writing and was trying to submit, the net connection was not proper so I don't know whether my test is submitted online or not??? Please confirm coz I got a error stating "versant test not completed so to complete it close this tab and start the test again however when i did that system did not allow me to login again putting credentials saying "you have already submitted". When I opened and then tried to login it said "Test user not exists in ptu". I am worried because I cleared the first round and then completed the second round as well but in the last section this issue occured. Kindly, confirm if the test is submitted or not. I'm not getting tech support from Amazon.

  15. Balraj yadav says:

    How to change or edit my mail id after completing the assessment test. Please help me out this

  16. MBRB says:

    I have just received a link but as opened it shows Our records indicate that you have already registered with us previously. There is no further action required at this point of time. Was an employee of Amazon is it the reason for it as have been applying for different role but as clicked on registration link it shows the above thing have not given any test since Jan this is the first link received since

  17. Sai Patil says:

    u r super

  18. Abdul Rafeeq37 says:


    Is there anyone here, who is currently working in some Company and applied for amazon Virtual hiring?

  19. Swetha R says:

    Sir but I am problem after background noise step. Microphone check I am telling 1234 and I can hear that clearly but still it is showing mic input is not clear so what to do please help me

  20. Zehra Naseem says:

    Loading problem is not resolving even after closing all tabs please! help me out please!

  21. priya says:

    How to contact you

  22. Sushma Sush says:

    Does Amazon reject if I attend online test in mobile

  23. Nadhiya ashokkumar says:

    Sir the microphone column is shows green tick mark but below dotted line shows blink blink that is red to green so I didn't proceed the test pls reply me tdy is last date

  24. Suraj assijani says:

    Win 10 m array band krne pr its not even recording anything we say…a complete silent.

  25. Shibha Fashion Sketches says:

    Omg thanks alot i was in middle of my test thanks

  26. Mercy Mol says:

    Sir,I wrote the test two times and it was showing that I am eligible till the final end..April9th,i wrote.But till now,i didnt get the reply.please help me out.

  27. Mohammed Rahmat Uddin says:

    Hello sir, I am done with the first round of interview. To start second round it asked me to sign in with registered email. I am trying to sign in but it shows error (l am using correct email and password) l tried multiple times but couldn't find a solution. Can you please help??? Please reply.

  28. Yashoda Hr says:

    Hello I failed online assessment test for Amazon yesterday. Can I apply again . Please

  29. sakthi shanmugam says:

    I can't take the test even though i restarted my laptop what to do pls help

  30. Harish Moorthy says:

    Hi sir I just get regret email when ever I apply for the post I already work for Amazon as client process just trying to get into direct Amazon but when I apply just says your are.not eligible

  31. Prakash Kumbhakar says:

    Thanks man…. Thank you so so so much…. Just closing other tabs worked for me as you showed in 4:25.

  32. Gaja Lakshmi says:

    Thank you sir

  33. swathi priya says:

    Excellent sir really many r facing this problem even im…bt u did grt job

  34. Shekhar 7 says:

    Hi sir, my background check is clear now, but I'm facing microphone check problem. How to solve this

  35. BlackWheel AK says:

    It will be "AM I CORRECT?"

  36. Z ARAVIND says:

    Sir I applied for Amazon through naukari and received regret mail. Can I apply again for the same job with corrections sir

  37. Prabhakar Reddy says:

    your mic input was not clear 1234

  38. S J says:

    Facing problem because of background noise in Accenture communication assessment!!!!!!

    Anyone also have faced problem… and any solution??

  39. Kishore Ch says:

    I have applied this 2nd time .1st interview i could not attend with some reasons so i applied 2nd time but it was showing already we have your details no need further action what should i do now me

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