Amazon Relay Rejection | DO THIS For Amazon Relay Trucking Business Approval

In this video, I show you how to not get rejected for Amazon Relay. If you do this for your Amazon Relay trucking business, you will get approved!
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36 thoughts on “Amazon Relay Rejection | DO THIS For Amazon Relay Trucking Business Approval”

  1. hdidane00 says:

    So we talking about DOT or MC being active here ?

  2. A P says:

    Thank you for this valuable information.

  3. Trucking Topics Today says:

    HELPFUL LINKS: – Get your DOT# in less than an hour. – FREE 15 minute Zoom or Phone call (These go quick. If none available, keep checking back). – Pick a date and time from my calendar for a 30 minute Zoom or phone call. – Support our channel by using our affiliate links for trucking items! – Become a Trucking Topics VIP Today!

  4. Greenway Enterprise L.L.C says:

    They probably have to many drivers right now

  5. Kiflom Fesseha says:

    Thank you Tony, much appreciate…

  6. Richard Lamm says:

    Or you could wait until November, when Amazon starts to sweat, and get accepted Quick!

  7. orlando saba says:

    Great as always

  8. josh nichols says:

    Do you think they could be going off of certain areas that may be slower currently or areas that have less DC's or fulfillment centers? My authority will be going active tomorrow. Very curious why they would be changing their approval period time-line. If they are hopefully they will add it to the requirements so all applicants know.

  9. Streetglide_24 C says:

    How can I check to see actually what day my authority went active?

  10. antolin taveras says:

    Hello from NY Tony.

  11. antolin taveras says:

    Probably in the most congested states they take longer to accept people. Georgia i think is getting to congested for those people and i dont see that many loads there.

  12. Ponyboy Tek says:

    Thanks for the video Tony! Is it possible to haul for Amazon with only my CA number or do I need an MC number?

  13. Hector Hernandez says:

    I tried applying for amazon relay on Monday 2-22-21 when my MC first went active. When I entered my MC and DOT it said that my information didn’t meet their required minimum compliance. I tried again today 2-25-21 and I was able to enter all my information with no problems. When I was done it said that they would contact me within 2-4 days to let me know if I was accepted or rejected. Hopefully everything goes well.

  14. Chandan Chaudhary says:

    Does canada had amazon relay ????

  15. Road Runner says:

    Tony….question for you….I'm out in southern cal….and I've been pulling Amazon local through a company zi signed up with for about 6 months now. They have a bunch of owner operators, and they paying a flat rate of $600…Monday through Friday…which isn't bad..

    I basically come in at 6am….do a few pickups…then drop the trailer at an Amazon facility. I'm averaging maybe 50 to 100 miles a day driving….$250 a week in fuel….and anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day working. I also book other local freight also with others like Schneider for example when I can.

    My question is….should I stay put with this company….ofuture. it be better to sign up with Amazon direct and maybe try to have better success using their board.

    I know it will be more work involved….but I plan on adding more trucks in the near futute.

    Thanks for any advice….

  16. Roshard Bogle says:

    Hey Tony question if you do get rejected what would be the next steps to get reconsider by them after the rejection?

  17. Muhamad Omar says:

    hello do you realy need workers compensation and employerliability thk

  18. Drew Vaughn says:

    Hey Tony, new subscriber here and I’m getting a lot from your content, you mind being contacted by txt or email? I’d like to ask some question and your opinion. Thanks

  19. D&Z solutions LLC says:

    very good info, greetings from chicago, I already have my LLC and right now I am waiting for my DOT MC, it has been clear (21) days, I am looking for insurance, but I would like to know what are the requirements to work with amazon relay with a box truck, thank you

  20. Nadieska Jimenez Perez says:

    Hello , I have a question How can I get more stops on my trips because I only get 2?

  21. Juan Gomez says:

    Helll my friend .I send a letter to fmcs requesting rise my insurance they did it but I still have 750,000 "on file" any advice ?? Thanks in advance

  22. abijahaj32 says:

    Yeah they tell you wait two wk. but you wait about 2 to 5 days then try work for me…I believe they tell you two wk to give Amazon enough time to put you in there system.. make sure mc # is active be4 you try it… you can chk mc or dot is active there.. thank me later..

  23. Corie Wilson says:

    Are you able to get your authority with insurance on a rental vehicle from Penske?

  24. REBOS says:

    Do you happen to know anything about the leaseback program that relay offers their carriers after 90 days I'm hearing that you can can obtain up to 10 least Power only and they will cover the note subtracting 12% of your load to cover the lease and it is leased to your company they're only requirement is that you keep two power units available to them 24 hours a day.

  25. Daz Hill says:

    Quick question everybody

    Do you have to have worker’s compensation when applying for relay?

    All I have is a few 26footers right now.

  26. Xavier Samuels says:

    I'm planning on starting my own truck company.. how can i get in touch with you on how to go about it?

  27. many morales says:

    Hi, I want to buy my first box truck but I'm not sure which one to buy, 24 'or 26' which one you recommend, I live in Nevada.

  28. Willie Yarbary says:

    Yes sir having problems with my insurance, trying to input it up on the Amazon relay page

  29. Huddy Mane says:

    When they deny you do the tell u that or just not respond

  30. Ghaith Khabeisa says:

    Do amazon relay do the background check

  31. Latoya Howie says:

    My application with Amazon Relay says pending due to insurance RMIS has confirmed the insurance is good and info has been uploaded to Amazon, can you tell me what I should next it’s been a few days

  32. Ranah Asad says:

    Hi I got my DOT number on 03/28/2021 and the MC number became active today on 04/16/2021 so now I have to wait 10 business days before applying to amazon??

  33. kenneth bode says:

    Amazon may use a data dump from FMCSA and not update it but every 14 days

  34. Abdi Ali says:

    I have all their requirements and they rejected me and didn’t provide why. Any idea how to get unrejected?

  35. R. Meraz says:

    Hello can u let me know what's a good insurance company in CA? Progressive doesnt accept DOT I filed for my FMCSA already.

  36. Gary Dancer jr says:

    So what can you do if your dot number and mc was rejected because you apply to soon.. what is the process after I wait 10 days and try to reapply

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