AMC Stock Talk Live Q&A Into The Close!

AMC Stock squeeze Answering questions and talking about the short squeeze so we are all on the same page!

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21 thoughts on “AMC Stock Talk Live Q&A Into The Close!”

  1. The more non stop attention you are giving this and all other YouTubers jumping on bandwagon for likes and other BS, YOU ARE GOING TO HURT THE PAYOFF IF NOT SHUT IT DOWN GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!! In the streets, the quieter low key you are the better. ALL fuckin YouTubers but one that just spits out the truth are going to HURT ALL OF US MAKING THE GOVERNMENT INTERCEPT!

  2. II want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $1,000,000 . I know it’s possible

  3. I love the fact that we have proponents for tradn and not just hodlin alone but most confuse buying and holding coins as an investment. That's risky because most commentary

    about future predictions are wrong. Nobody knows for sure the future with btc or the ALTs and speaking about capitulation and a reversal where the bulls take charge completely,

    you can only be sure when it already happened. 3 years ago, we thought it was a capitulation when BTC dropped from about 20k to 4k and it was expected to quickly rebound and

    find new highs. You need to get a very good system for you to be successful in the crypto market. Anything can happen in the market. A note of warning to newbies and

    mid_experience traders is to be very careful if you do not completely understand or know what you are doing because just like how crypto is building people on their way to

    wealth, it is also destroying and bankrupting others so do not follow the FUD or FOMO but follow the money. I was guided all the time by NOLASCO KANIEL's trade patterns and

    signals. That alone helped me so much as a trrader. He is a great analyst and extremely good at designing trade strategies for different market situations and his signals are

    very accurate. I'll encourage you to trade the little BTC you have with accurate trad signals and strategy. Y'all can reach out to him on [email protected](Kanielnolasco12) for inquiry

    into profitable trading.

  4. I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium Bitcoin any advice on any other Bitcoin that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  5. Whathappen if SEC steps in an pulls pugon all illegal naked shorts out of the market? Does that mean that we cant realize the full potential of goingto the moon i.e 500k per share.

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