Anita Baker – I Apologize (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “I Apologize” by Anita Baker from the album Rhythm of Love.

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41 thoughts on “Anita Baker – I Apologize (Official Music Video)”

  1. Kristine Malabed says:

    I miss my mom and my mom loved this song but I learned about everything that happened to her and my dad through love as far as me being born and she loving my dad and me being born because it honestly was a lot that they both went through in order for me to be here but it’s okay because I’m here and I don’t mind the truth pain or anything because I’m wanting everybody to keep my understanding through my patience that I love this and happiness and peace ☮️ I just pray and I more peace throughout this situation because it’s nothing for us to get through…… I’m just waiting for peace ☮️….

  2. Mike Concepcion says:

    Give Anita her Masters!

  3. Reggie Camoufliyge says:

    I love this song

  4. Lonnell Williams says:

    Me;at 56.

  5. Sunshine Sullivan says:


  6. CJ Fuqua says:

    My bm brought me here. I accept your apology but life goes on!

  7. Leidi Hein says:


  8. neteisha Jenkins says:

    We here in 2021 listening to this sweet soul of a song

  9. Carolina Pichardo says:

    Yes♥️ love her

  10. CountryHappy says:

    Pat B still listening, I use to to listen before time Highschool and Finalez and did well

  11. max joseph says:


  12. Nouwou Nzali says:

    Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more soulful!

  13. Terry Morris says:


  14. Billie Bunker says:

    I'm still listening in 2021.

  15. Luzia Ferreira says:


  16. Luzia Ferreira says:

    Essa música é tudoooo

  17. Linwood Christian says:

    I still listen to Anita lover now more than ever

  18. J C Henicks says:

    Her best song was APOLOGIZE. Love it

  19. circusm139 says:

    I know I’m not supposed to be listening because she told us not to stream because of some legal battles, but I can’t help it

  20. Nic Jones says:

    One of my favorite ❤

  21. dab memes oof says:

    I still love this song here in 2021☺

  22. Michael Carter says:

    Im still listening to her met her at the scope Norfolk state VA then constitution hall and she remembered me here

  23. jay jordan says:

    Anita. 1. BADDDDD

  24. Ariana Adams says:

    2021 Baby

  25. Horace Duncan says:

    These were the days when music had meaning and feelings.

  26. Artificial Intelligence says:

    Crazy how I'm just realizing this is who Tony Braxton's voice and style is patterned after.

  27. Stefanie Crawford says:


  28. Stephanie Brooks says:

    I am ! This is timeless music! Never gets old!!

  29. Stephanie Brooks says:

    I remember every girl wanted her hair cut short like Anita!!

  30. Ruprt says:

    T e l e p a t h <3

  31. Marilyn Gibson-Lomas says:

    One favorite singers, saw her at Pine know in Detroit years ago. Anita in 2021 still great Love music.

  32. Gee Dep says:


  33. Aneika Atkinson says:

    I'm listening right now

  34. Sierra 09 says:

    June 2021 … feeling good today !!

  35. Hollywood 12 says:


  36. Tina Brown says:

    Who listening 2021!

  37. Tina Brown says:

    This to my boo you no who you are❤

  38. Tina Brown says:

    Love her!

  39. Tina Brown says:

    My lady right here!

  40. Vanessa Graham says:

    Me. Vanessa Graham.

  41. m12hequus says:

    I wonder who the guy(s) were that did background for this song. They added so much to this track.

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