Ask the Headhunter: Why it’s risky to give notice when you quit

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In this video, Nick responds to questions regarding his column, “Why it’s risky to give notice when you quit.”


38 thoughts on “Ask the Headhunter: Why it’s risky to give notice when you quit”

  1. I had a coworker tell her boss she was leaving and she foolishly told her boss how excited she was and said the company name. Her boss pretended she was so happy that she was moving to the xyz company. Her boss called this company and had the offer rescinded. Shady shady shit.

  2. Why does Nick keep saying that a person will be out on the street if they don't have a job? That's not necessarily true because I speak from experience….

  3. At my job, it’s just myself, my 1 coworker, and our boss. I’m going to quit soon, do you think it’s safe to give a 2 weeks notice since there’s only 1 other worker besides me?

  4. I sort of agree with this, I did a 1 week notice at my previous job and the while they didn’t fire me I felt a little animosity those last days.

  5. I would review the hiring contract from HR – only to ensure final payment for the work I did do prior to resigning. Some contracts say you have to give 2 weeks notice or you won't be paid.

  6. In Japan no one is going to fire you without a big payout or they have to answer to the government. So generally it's standard to give 1 month notice here. If your country isn't like US "at-will" then it's better to give notice so you can leave cleanly without burning bridges.

  7. It's better to quit on the spot. Where I work I almost got fired because they "heard" I was trying to get another job elsewhere. They also fired a couple guys BECAUSE they gave a two weeks. The owner got all offended at it and fired em on the spot. The only kicker is if you quit they can withhold your vacation pay possibly.

  8. Also in my state it is ILLEGAL for a previous employer to say anything to an inquiring employer about you, unless, it is Yes So-so worked here. They worked from this date to this date. Yes/no they may or may not be eligible for rehire.

  9. well i mean it would pretty dumb in general to send in your notice without another job offer

  10. Either both. the employer and the employee must give the other two weeks notice of termination of employment or none at all by either party. It's true, the employer might be left in a pinch, but so is the employee who is now fired on the spot. Also, there should be no bad references or repercussions for not giving notice.

  11. I have worked in the technical field and I have always given notice before I left. May dad told me when you've given notice, during those last two weeks, "give 'em hell!", meaning, put in extra effort to do the best job you can do for the remaining time you are there. And so I always did. The experience of this was always positive and I usually left with glowing recommendation letters. One employer wrote, "I would re-hire him instantly." Another boss I had who was the owner of the company, just a couple of days before my last day, asked me if I would re-consider.

    The last technical job I held, I gave my company 2 months notice because I knew it would be difficult for them to find someone to fill my position and train them in a short time. I spent the last 5 weeks diligently training my replacement because I cared about the people I worked for and wanted to give them the best advantage. When I left my boss sincerely wished me luck and told me if some time down the line what I was doing wasn't working out for me, there would always be a place for me there.

    The point is, there is no one-size-fits-all advice. Maybe a lot of how things go for you has a lot to do with you, and the choices you make.

    Oh, and btw, many jobs when applying for them have you make an agreement to give two weeks notice. Don't forget what you promised to do…

  12. I've left all my jobs for a better one. Moral of the story is do not work anywhere where they do not respect you.

  13. Hi Nic
    That was very helpful and you confirmed what I was thinking about. Nic, I'm in a situation where I'm leaving my present company because of a number of reasons. The biggest one by far is my manager who loves to 'micro-manage' and is a perfectionist, wants things done only her way, has not bothered to settle grievances, etc. So, I've lined up another job, have received the offer for this job and now I only have to give my two weeks' notice. I am on medical leave and intend to give my two week's notice while on medical leave. I have a paper trail of all my communication with my line manager regarding my grievances and she hasn't bothered to address these. Besides, she also put me on a PIP for a silly reason – coming in to work on a weekend. This other job will be paying me substantially less than my present job but it's the same job, which I love doing. Besides, it's a known fact that management at this new organization is much better than management where I'm presently at.
    What's your take on this Nic?

  14. No HR person will give you a bad reference based on negatives they find in your file. This guy has no clue.

  15. I've told people im certified and am getting another job. I dont care at this point. My friend told me to put in notice for a couple days and dip because I have no other experience for the job im looking for but the job I currently have and it could backfire.

  16. I don't threaten, I just do. I respect my company, so I'll give them the two week notice when I'm ready. BUT if I'm just contemplating or even thinking about it, they don't need to know, that is my business.

  17. I've been fired for putting in two weeks notice. If you're gonna quit make sure you have some money to fall back on because if you were intending to pay some bills from the last check you'd receive, make sure you don't get blindsided.


  19. If an employer tried to sabotage you by calling your new job, this is defamation! The new employer who received the call wouldn’t even talk to your boss, because they know this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  20. Does this apply to Europe too? Where people actually have (had) employment rights and your boss can't simply fire you because you gave notice.

  21. Exit interviews are indeed the most dumb thing I've ever heard of. My current (soon to be former) employer knows what I am looking for in my next move. Should be no surprise to them when I mention that we've discussed my aspirations and that's what I'm pursuing

  22. I quit after i received my offer letter and started orientation, I was outta there, they said they would let me grow but nope same position even with a degree , but hired new people instead of advancing me

  23. I got an offer but i haven't taken a background check yet. I had a felony expunged 10 year ago and reduced to a misdemeanor. How would i tell my potential employer that i accept the offer contingent upon passing background check without making it suspicious? I don't want the offer rescinded after i give my 2 week notice. Please help!!!!

  24. Did this twice and got screwed both times. But, at my last job I gave a 1 day notice (that morning) and they withheld my last paycheck for "uniforms" when I paid for my boots and we all wore t-shirts from home

  25. That would be nice…if it was legal….legal u must give notice it's not a choise….here in Lebanon it's 1 month notice for every year…so if you've worked 3 years u must give 3 month notice….obsured i know

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