Atlanta Workers' Compensation: 5 secrets the workers' comp adjuster doesn't want you to know

Atlanta Workers’ Compensation:

In this video lawyer Gary Martin Hays talks with you about 5 secrets the workers’ comp adjuster doesn’t want you to know about Atlanta workers’ compensation. He provides essential information about wage benefits, your employer’s panel of doctors, medical needs and more that you need to know! To get free information on workers’ comp claims or talk to attorney Gary Martin Hays, click the link above.

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Here is a recap of this video:
0:40 Workers Comp Wage Benefits
1:21 Panel of Doctors: What you need to know
2:30 Your employer must pay for medical needs
3:07 When should you report your work accident?
4:09 How much should your wage benefit check be each week?


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7 thoughts on “Atlanta Workers' Compensation: 5 secrets the workers' comp adjuster doesn't want you to know”

  1. PRIVATE EYE says:

    Great presentation. Thank you.

  2. jnprfilms says:

    Bless you

  3. LaLa McQuoid says:

    Lackawanna insurance company just wants to flat out be in collusion with their panel Doctor's

  4. LaLa McQuoid says:

    How can a panel Doctor for Lackawanna insurance company, Dr.Mehallo order a mri then he writes a full work duty and puts me on meds they say dont drive.the mri he ordered was looked at 2 weeks later ,so how can a doctor do this!!!!!

  5. Patrick McDonough says:

    who do you suggest for dental care?

  6. Marcus Mosley says:

    who do i talk to abt the mileage & travels,my lawyer

  7. Chris Cassidy says:

    How much per mile for doctor's visits?

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