Background Check Database vs. Background Screening Company

Background Check Database v. Background Screening Provider

An Employment Background Screening company is much more than a database provider.

Here are 7 Important distinctions;

Provide compliant authorization and disclosure forms insuring compliance

Best and most comprehensive databases with best filters

On the ground county court researchers

Trained researchers to review, interpret and report records appropriately

Adjudication expertise to review laws that govern what is reportable on a background report

Support with Pre-Adverse Action / Adverse Action Notices and Ban The Box Rules

Consumer Copy to Applicant and Re-Investigations


6 thoughts on “Background Check Database vs. Background Screening Company”

  1. What questions do you have about the differences between using a background check website or database versus an Employment Background Screening company? Thanks for sharing.

  2. How do the background checks deal w an employment history of when a small business goes out of business?

  3. what happens if you told your potential new employer that you made 100k during the hiring interview but you actually make 95k. If they check for previous salary, do you think this could be a reason for decline? Is there a way to get around it if they question this discrepancy?

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