Background Check Errors Prevent Me From Getting A Job

What To Do If Background Check Errors Prevent You From Getting A Job – MI Lawyer Ian Lyngklip

Listen as Michigan consumer lawyer Ian Lyngklip explains what to do if background check errors are preventing you from getting a job.

If an employer was ready to hire you, but a background or credit check is disqualifying you from employment, you may be wondering what you can do to remedy the situation and start working. Many employers require a background and/or credit check before hiring a new employee. If you know your background is clean but you have had your job offer revoked, then there are steps you need to take to protect yourself.

The first step is to contact the employer and find out why they rescinded employment. You are entitled to a free copy of the report they requested one. They must also tell you if they are taking adverse action against you based on the report’s contents. This is an opportunity for you to make any corrections and explain it to your employer. If you have found inaccurate information, then your next step is to dispute it.

If the information on the report is no longer valid, then you need to gather proof of that and along with a letter of dispute and signed copy, and mail it in by certified mail, return receipt request. Make sure to keep the receipt and copies for your records.

If you have found that you have someone else criminal convictions or identity in your record, then you need to gather documents for proof of identity and proof of address to clear your record of any inaccuracies. Make sure to mail these by certified mail, return receipt request, along with your letter of dispute, and keep a copy for your records. Watch the video to learn more.

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5 thoughts on “Background Check Errors Prevent Me From Getting A Job”

  1. this happened to a friend of mine who lives in michigan. he recently got fired from his job due to being accused of something on his so called record he never did. and he wanted to find a attorrney but cant afford one to get this mess cleaned up so he can get back to work. the allegations are felonious assault and desttruction of property and a misdeamenor battery. both are false allegations and something he didnt do. what does he need to do to get his name cleared?

  2. Can internal documents be “shown” versus external background checks or is it the same thing?

  3. I found something wrong on my report, but there is an "arbitration" rule from the company that says you can't sue them in court for the inaccurate information. How can that be handled?

  4. If u made a error like u forgot to put some down something like where u lived in the past 7 years will they not run your background

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