Background Check Verification in IT Companies |Hindi|

In this video i’ve given information regarding BGC which means Background Check.
It is a thorough screening of a candidate’s work history, Education backgrounds, degree, marksheets certificates, legal documents etc.This process ususally takes 2-3 days
you just need to upload documents on site.
Doing bgc uncovers frauds and cease you from hiring the wrong applicant.

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why it is required
Protect the reputation of the company
Prevent or reduce theft, or criminal activity
Safety is the major reason to conduct backgound and reference check.

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8 thoughts on “Background Check Verification in IT Companies |Hindi|”

  1. Hi, can you pls tell me if i apply for a job in based on my experience in current company and do not show/put experience of past employer on behalf of which i got job in current /existing company.

  2. Bro they will check degree and pg education certificate also, in this video u r saying 10 th and12 th only. Can u give clarity on this.

  3. My self Shamanth Kumar from Mangalore and I am working in a reputed bank as an officer.

    Today I saw your video on YouTube on BackGround Verification Process by the companies.

    So i would like to share my doubt on background verification process.

    7 months back i joined a private bank as an officer and before that i was working in a private limited company. in Mangalore.

    At that time of leaving the company , MD of the company has given a relieving letter. But soon after joining the bank, he started calling me for the part time work in that company as most of the employees are left from that company.. But I denied that offer as i was working in the bank and also it was against the bank's policy.. Hence that MD had a greg on me.

    But later when the 3rd party background verification agency from our bank approached that MD for background verification of mine, he denied for verification and he did not sent the verification mail to that 3rd party agency even after so many reminders and one day that agency stopped sending the him.

    That MD was threatening me that he will send an adverse opinion on me for that verification agency and he will see that he will trouble for my current employment if i do not work for his company for free for an infinite period. Later i came to know from previous colleague that MD has signed differently in the relieving letter to cause problem for me.

    I have reported this situation to my HR manager and he told that he will look into it.

    But, one day HR of my bank told me that your verification process is completed and verification agency has given a positive report on me.

    But my doubt is that if now my previous employer sends a negative report on me, whether it affects my current position in the bank? whether 3rd party agency considers the negative mail from previous employer now ? (i.e. after sending positive report to the bank)

    How to overcome this situation right now?

    I am waiting for your kind reply as your suitable replies and solutions may clear my current problems.

  4. There is ongoing criminal charge against someone like ipc 354 and 498A but that is a fake case to acquire property can someone join a good reputed company..? please guide.
    If he gets selected then can he tell the HR about the case …he is afraid of loosing job .he is perfectly genuine

  5. Sir my previous employer manager is threating me that he will give bad remark for my BCG. I have my offer letter and relieving letter with me issued by HR. However he still threatening to me. In this case what I need to do. Please advise

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