Background Checking – how can Experian help?

Background checking is the screening or vetting of tenants prior to being offered a job. This can be quite stressful for the employer and the candidate. Retaining talent is also an important focus for many employers and continual checks can ensure quality and consistency – protecting them and you. Experian offer a range of flexible and consultative services that can help you move towards a candidate verification process that supports compliance and enhances your on-boarding processes – easily. Hear from Izabella Jagiello-Marks in our latest video exploring the key areas of background checking and what it means.

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2 thoughts on “Background Checking – how can Experian help?”

  1. THIS is a stressful experience. They do everything they can to make sure that people remain unemployed. Even the most honest and "cleanest" citizens are deprived of opportunities to grow and develop because they may have debts. When they do get hired by companies, they offer them chickenfeed for a salary and they are still unable to pay off anything. And the government tells you to go out and work. Well thank you very much.

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