"Background Checks 101" – Episode 6: Employment Verification Challenges

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Tim Santoni and Ben Gomez discuss the challenges employers face when verifying someone’s prior employment.

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Tim Santoni is passionate about Risk Mitigation. He enjoys educating business owners on what they can do to mitigate risk in their businesses and how to protect themselves from those in their inner circle. Tim provides advice on how to be prepared for, investigate and deal more effectively with litigation and workers comp claims if and when they arise.

– Investigative Consultant to businesses and legal counsel for over 17 years
– Licensed private investigator in the State of California and has testified as an expert in cases involving Workers’ Compensation, Counterfeiting and a variety of other civil cases.
– Owns and operates his own Investigative Consulting business
– Enjoys speaking to businesses and law firms about current trends in litigation, technology and investigative strategy.

Tim believes that businesses must implement certain strategies to mitigate exposure to Embezzlement, Fraud, Workers Compensation Claims, Trade Secrets, theft and many other employment related claims. In today’s litigious environment you cannot eliminate lawsuits, but you can implement practices to reduce overall exposure.

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