Background Checks For Ammunition In California | Attorney Explains

Here is a quick summary of the new California ammo law and background checks effective July 1, 2019. Hard to be 100% comprehensive in a 10 min video so if you have any confusion or questions comment down below and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Edit: CA IDs with federal limits apply require a showing of additional proof of birth example: birth certificate or passport. Reports have shown that many stores are requiring additional proof of residency for older CA ID holders.

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36 thoughts on “Background Checks For Ammunition In California | Attorney Explains”

  1. Otto Rollin says:

    CA = Prison State
    Silent Take Over
    Martial Law
    Socialism Communism
    In Full Effect
    Just because its "law" doesn't mean its right. A right is Not a privilege!

  2. Mike Pekala says:

    They also record the number of rounds in each box, I saw it at Wal-Mart.

  3. gerald ervin says:

    Why don't you California attorneys start fighting for your 2A rights instead of bowing down to the tyrannical government?

  4. gerald ervin says:

    Hey, I got a great idea, how about all you law abiding California citizens, REFUSE to comply with these unconstitutional laws?

  5. Elias Wolfer says:

    Just found your channel. Thank you for the awesome content. It’s very helpful!

  6. Sleep Talking While Sleep Walking says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. It is very much appreciated. Unfortunately this is an area where misinformation spreads through well meaning, but uninformed people.

  7. 2000rayc says:

    i heard people from out of state can bring ammo?

  8. Greg Schwab says:

    So can I bring my own ammo to California to shoot?

  9. Rick Wood says:

    It shows that you can not fix stupid!!!

  10. Dexter Lacroy says:

    Reloading won't be an option in the long run. Eventually they will pass laws against that too. I foresee future non-gun states and guntopia states as pro-gun and anti-gun people migrate accordingly.

  11. Saucey Pants says:

    Wife and I sold and left Cali last year. Do miss a thing, and we lived in San Diego CALIFORNIA SUCKS!

  12. Blackbear Bear says:

    I think you have a second amendment in California that says well not be infringed you need to take your government to federal court to get the fake laws off the books out there

  13. Defiant95 says:

    Don't you mean standard capacity magazines when you mention "high" capacity? Just askin'.

  14. Scott Hanson says:

    Is it possible for a nonresident to buy ammo in California?

  15. Mc 007 says:

    What dose all these gun control laws have to do with catching a criminal because they don’t follow the law. California will allow illegals to comment crimes but, take away Americans right to carry a firearm

  16. Defensive Firearms Instruction says:

    WELCOME NEW, OR SOON-TO-BE-NEW, GUN OWNERS. Now that you have the means to be more self-reliant about your personal safety, be sure to get educated on WHEN you may legally use those means. Don't rely upon a lifetime's worth of watching TV and movies to make legal decisions about your own personal safety. Get educated from someone who has a background in the legal aspects of using any force against anyone, whether guns are involved or not.

  17. David says:

    So can someone buy some 5.56 if they don't own a rifle but do own a hand gun? Asking for a friend.

  18. Kzar Lopez says:

    i have to pay 19$ for a dumb ass background check so that i can be "Eligible" so that i can buy a box of ammo thats just about 22$with taxes hahahaha Highway robbery if you ask me man.

  19. 2510 2510 says:

    Is there a limit to the number of rounds that can be purchased in any time period in CA?

  20. Eric M. Gomez says:

    To whom may concern:

    On June 2nd, 2017 I bought a bolt action rifle from the Cerritos Store after passing my Firearms Safety Exam. I was very impressed with the service provided at the store. We followed all the California regulations in order to purchase the rifle since I come from Texas thing are very different over there than here.

    Then the new ammo purchasing law came in effect in July 2019. Since my sons and I enjoy going to the shooting range ("Angeles Shooting Range"), we planned to go to there and try different bullet grains to see the effects of the weight of each bullet.

    To our surprise we needed to pass a background check to buy ammo (?). We were denied. The lady at the range gave us a document to find out why we were denied and we went home, very disappointing.

    I went to the website fro CFARS, and updated my personal profile, using my Military Form DD214, my passport, my California Driver License, my Firearms Safety Card, my jury duty card too.

    I have tried for the last year to fix this issue and I just get " Denied". I am not asking for access, I am updating my info about me and my rifle.

    So my wife and I went a couple of weeks and try to buy ammo (Again). Pay all the fees and here come the kicker… "Dealer's Record of Sale of Firearm" is wrong. It has my DD form2 14 name:

    Eric Martin Gomez-Velarde as the Air Force wanted. But my passport, Ca Driver Lic, Firearm Safety, Jury Duty, My school ID is Eric M. Gomez.

    Because of this technicality I can't buy ammo or update my profile because Eric M Gomez doesn't have a rifle. It is Eric Martin Gomez-Velarde does!

    They told me at the store that when my passport expires to go and get a REAL ID and that will do it. NOT!

    What do we do in this case? Resale the rifle to Ammo Bros and then buy it back as Eric M Gomez? I can't use this rifle here in California, it is useless. Can someone please tell what we can do to fix this issue? It is been almost a year. I am in no hurry, plus we need to stay home for this virus thing. But I need answers.

    Do you need any documentation, please don't hesitate to ask for them. I am to the point to call a lawyer, because this is not right.

    I will appreciate any help.


  21. I AM A WORM says:

    The ridiculous laws are making it hard to be a law abiding citizen. I wanted to go shooting at a buddies house but couldn’t buy ammo because I don’t have a “Real ID”. I’m guessing even if I did, it probably wouldn’t have been enough

  22. tony p says:

    What I don't understand is these politicians take an oath to protect our constitution but once in office they want to change it! Isn't that perjury and isn't perjury against the law?

  23. IxmaXXI says:

    My questions is when are we removing these communist from our great state? Drag all of these oath breakers out their office!!! And if the courts aren't upholding the Constitution of our Nation, which overwrites all these State Constitutions, then these judges need to be dragged out too, for not fulfilling their duties… ENOUGH is ENOUGH

  24. The Dude says:

    Texas and Alaska are pro 2 California is like shity cousin

  25. Me First says:

    Eroding 2A rights one law at a time, a slow grind to rid of our rights. Wrote to our local CA assembly representative, asked her does it make sense if we're already in the system, to keep checking every time? Her office did not even respond.

  26. mcruzdvm says:

    We are loosing our right in the state

  27. Cliff Lowrie says:

    Do you have to do a background check for selling privately owned ammo? I'm so sick of this crap!! VOTE RED EVERYWHERE!!!

  28. D Lo says:

    Do they need a stool sample too?

  29. Loco Motives says:

    The California cancer is spreading. It is on the White House doorstep. If you don't want a California run United States you better get out and vote. The Senate, The House of Representatives and the Presidency are all that's standing between us and A California Socialist Democracy. Don't fuck this up, get out and vote.

  30. jesus espana says:

    Can a family member bring you ammo from a different state?

  31. Light Drifter says:

    A restraining order will get a sheriff at your door to confiscate your weapon. Doesn't matter what. No day in court and a whole passel of paperwork and hoops to jump through to get it back. IF you get if back.

  32. Cryptojerry says:

    Can you help me restore my 2 amendment ??

  33. Spider Tazz says:

    You know that more people that go off and attack people Don't have any priors or mental issues on record…
    What the hell a background check do in that case?

  34. William Baker says:

    I've been trying to find the answer to this question but have not found one. Do you have a resource I can contact to answer this question;
    I know that under CA law I can transfer ammunition to my son as a family member. But what I would like to know if I can mail the ammunition to him? I live in San Diego and he lives in Richmond CA.
    Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance,

  35. Kertis Chiloquin says:

    Let's do this with food stamps

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