Background checks in Nevada — Who can access them and what can they see?

Top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney discusses how background checks work in Nevada.

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Your background check can be accessed by various people and agencies such as potential employers, landlords, and state licensing boards. Your background checks reveal the following three things:

1. Past criminal convictions that have not been sealed;
2. Any ongoing criminal cases; and
3. Whether you are currently on parole or probation

Nevada law used to limit criminal background checks to the last seven years. But now, even convictions from the distant past show up on these checks. However, as of 2018, state and local government employers in Nevada may not ask about criminal history on an initial job application (with some exceptions).

Everyone is advised to get their records sealed if possible. In Nevada, dismissed cases are sealable right away, and most misdemeanors are sealable after one year. But the record seal process itself takes several weeks, so we advise people to start the process as soon as they are eligible. With some exceptions, sealed criminal records do not show up on background checks.


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