Background Checks Punish Minorities

The U.S. House is voting to impose universal gun background checks. But the fact is, if these rules had been in place, they would not have prevented a single mass public shooting in recent years. Instead, they stop law-abiding citizens from owning a gun, most often poor people and minorities. Everyone wants to stop bad guys from getting guns, but universal background checks is just not an effective way to do that.

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7 thoughts on “Background Checks Punish Minorities”

  1. Pretty easy in my opinion to figure this out. The purpose of universal background checks which we already have by the way is when it doesn't stop gun violence then the Democrats or the left aka socialists can come back and say well now we need to take all guns and make them unlawful. When you don't care what b***** laws government makes and you're going to do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family, then you will truly be free. I don't need my state government, my County government or my federal government to tell me where my gun rights begin and where they end. The Second Amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. If that means good guys get them and bad guys get them too then, that's what it is. Let me and God sort them out. I am of the opinion how can you have 15 states more or less that don't even require you to have a concealed carry permit, but use the Second Amendment as you're right as a man or woman to carry a gun. At that point how can any other state require anything more of you? It is time for people that are Patriots and believe in the Second Amendment to stand up and fight! III% I WILL NOT COMPLY! If you should choose to comply l, then you're saying that you wish to live on your knees as a slave and not stand on your own two feet as a free man I will not live on this earth in any condition other than a free man.

  2. The real reason for universal background checks is their desire for a secret registration of all guns. The paperwork may be mandated to be destroyed after the transaction, but the check itself is done over the phone. All phone calls are recorded and preserved in text form by the NSA, therefore the check becomes de facto registration.

  3. "Police only arrive on the crime scene after the crime has occurred"… wow, who would have thought they were that slack?

  4. Background Checks Punish Minorities ?
    Background Checks finds "Crazy Chad" before the inevitable at YOUR local family gathering…

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