Background checks: What can companies access about me?

Mary talks about a candidate’s recent experience when a background check was conducted.


11 thoughts on “Background checks: What can companies access about me?”

  1. Hello I been applying as a Medical Assitant . but I owed a credit card. Can they do that or do they need to give me a slip first in order for me to allow them ??

  2. I got terminated in my last job. I'm expecting an offer soon and I'm really anxious about the offer being revoked after they find out I was terminated. I took the advice of not using the word "terminated" or "fired" in the interview and told the interviewers that I "left" the company. I'm so freaking out…

  3. I call it legal discrimination. There is no correlation between a bad credit report and an at risk employee.

  4. Only places that can hold credit reports against you are financial and government position. Nor can they use any w2 forms as employment verification that is federal tax information that is private and can be fined if used out side of that said purpose… Hire right is a identity thief and use other parties that are not stated in their "fine print". And continue to as for more information and more information.

  5. what the fuck does her low score credit has anything to do with working at Amazon? she is not getting loan. fuck you, Amazon!

  6. How do employers check out your info? Is there a website they do this on?

    I was just denied employment because of having been terminated in the past 5 years?

  7. what happens if you told your potential new employer that you made 100k during the hiring interview but you actually make 95k. If they check for previous salary, do you think this could be a reason for decline? Is there a way to get around it if they question this discrepancy?

  8. My address is under ren9vation and we have been moved to other house for 3 months and all my documents are of old house and dont have any doc for temporary address, do I need to mention that I have been moved to some other address??

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