BAD REFERENCES from previous employer (the BEST way to handle it)

There’s an easy approach on how to handle bad references from a previous employer.
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Have you ever had a bad reference from a previous employer? Or had someone said something that you didn’t agree with about you? Ever had a previous employer spoken poorly of you? What about when getting a job reference? Have you considered that career coaching can actually solve that? OR help you see it in a way where it’s no longer a problem for you? I provide career tips in this video that help you with how to handle bad job reference or when someone speaks badly of you I help you to reframe how you can think about it so that it’s in your control. A bad job reference doesn’t have to be the end of the world or a big deal. You can manage a bad job reference when you have the right tools and the right mindset. The best way to handle the bad job references will be answered in this video. I will also answer should I include a bad job reference in my resume and if bad references from previous employers will end your career (they don’t have to) , bad reference former employer happens sometimes. Let’s address how to handle them.

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18 thoughts on “BAD REFERENCES from previous employer (the BEST way to handle it)”

  1. Applying for volunteer firefighters, had an ex-boss give a bad reference. Didn't get the job for other reasons than what my ex-boss stated, but I don't mind. I believe people can change. I KNOW I can change, and I will! For myself, not for anyone else

  2. Just tumbled onto this video advice which was to timely!! Great advice that I will surely use. One potential bad reference call versus who I really am and what others have had to say about me… thx

  3. I just learned that I received a bad reference from my previous employer. The problem was I did not put them in my reference, instead the new company I am applying was acquainted with someone from within and reached out to them. How am I supposed to react in these kinds of situations, seeing as the one who's giving me this reference was the one who was opposed of me? Technically, I did my best in that place, but the manager himself was never fond of me to begin with. Should I drown my reference list with those that would give me good references? Or should I speak highly instead of the place, particularly during interviews to avoid possible references in general?

  4. in my opinion, the bad reference should be more of a reflection on the employer issuing the reference not the actual candidate.. because there is always something Right about a particular person. No one is all bad.. a more balanced thing for a 'good' employer to do is to make a balanced statement emphasising the positive not just the negative. I am not sure what an employer gains from tarnishing the image of others. alternatively why not just decline to make a comment?

  5. I wasn't "hooked" with your opening and almost ended the video. I'm glad I stuck around for the rest! Great information. My favorite was to "Ground yourself in who you are." Thank you!

  6. I Have A new Job Offer ,But My Previous Employer Has Told The New Employer that I'm not Eligable For Rehire. I didnt know that they remove me from the company, I had no issues with the previous employer I have had Great work characteristics and Ethics, I couldn't understand why they would give a bad reference instead not committing. The previous employer has offered me work which I didnt except due to personal Reasons and they know How good of a worker. Why What is the reason that the employer would give a bad reference

  7. I am dealing with this now. I had a horrible supervisor and walked out of my job, I literally wanted death before another day there. That Supervisor then found out where I was applying and called them, I was denied numerous jobs and had to leave the State. I paid thousands for a lawyer who basically just told him to stop. He was promoted and many other employees quit because of him. I was without a job for two months because of this man during a pandemic! I don't say the word hate a lot, but this guy will get it in all forms. I don't know how to keep fighting his bad references!

  8. Send a ceise and desist letter from the attorney of a third party reference checking firm. Better then 99% of companies give neutral references after the letter is sent.

  9. I appreciated this video so much! I have been struggling for some time with a terrible situation that happened at a former job. I believe the tips you've shared are just what I need to finally be successful in finding a new job in my field! Thank you!

  10. Thank you. I was feeling insecure about a previous supervisor. That was actually in 2014 now that I realize it. I still keep in touch with a colleague who will give a good reference if needed. I was enjoyed employed there for 5 years and felt bad I removed it from my employment history.

  11. I got offered my dream job but worried about the reference check. Thankyou, this definitely put me at ease.

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