Becoming Elon Musk (Full Documentary)


Elon Musk is a business magnate, entrepreneur and engineer, who despite coming from humble beginnings in South Africa, is slowly becoming the individual most trusted with the future of human existence. But it’s safe to say – It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Elon Musk. From sleeping on a couch in his first office, to 3 divorces, to 2 days from bankruptcy in 2008, it’s certainly been a bumpy ride for the Neuralink, Tesla and SapceX CEO. Joe Rogan, the first planned trip to Mars, as well as outrageous goals to stop traffic as it is, are just 3 things we will discuss in this video. This, is the story of Elon Musk.

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29 thoughts on “Becoming Elon Musk (Full Documentary)”

  1. The commentator missed one fact. Elon Musk did come to North America however it wasn't United States. it was Nova Scotia CANADA. Then he moved to the US of A . Elon Musk studied physics at Queen’s University in Canada during the early 1990s, Musk called numerous people he wanted to meet, including Peter Nicholson, a top executive at the Bank of Nova Scotia. Nicholson manager of The Bank of Nova Scotia payed Elon Musk14 dollars an hour. It goes to show media twists the truth .

  2. Meine Rede. Das ist kein Teambuilding. Das ist Scheisse Galore was die Scheisspolitker hier abgeliefert haben. Die haben in Berlin nicht mal ihre Berlinale verkauft gekriegt.

  3. IF this guy could partner with zimbabween "Maxwell Chikumbutso" he will be munsa musa of our generation

  4. "humble"? his father owned an emerald mine in apartheid South Africa; there's nothing humble about that.

  5. Elon Musk claims Bitcoin is a polluter and yet overlooks the mining of
    lithium for his car's batteries and rocket program are much bigger
    polluters. He is a hypocrite. People should therefore protest by not
    buying his cars and demand action be take for his rockets to use other
    fuel alternatives. They should also protest outside his home and office
    to demand this change.

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