Ben Platt – Grow As We Go [Official Video]

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Fans worldwide fell head over heels for Ben Platt during his Tony® Award-winning turn in the title role of Dear Evan Hansen and on-screen in films such as the Pitch Perfect franchise. As the vocalist, actor, and performer sang life into a host of nuanced and fascinating characters, audiences embraced his voice wholeheartedly. By dusting off the piano, picking up a pen, and singing his own truth straight from the heart, he shared another side of himself as a solo artist.

Ben achieved superstar status as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen, originating the lead role. The New York Times lauded him as a “breakout star,” and he went on to receive the 2017 Tony® Award for “Best Actor in a Musical.” Other honors included “Best Musical Theater Album” at the 2018 GRAMMY® Awards for the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Dear Evan Hansen, “Outstanding Musical Performance in a Daytime Program” at the Daytime EMMY® Awards for a cast performance of “You Will Be Found” on The Today Show, and more. Not to mention, he joined forces with Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda to craft a mash-up of “The Story of Tonight” and “You Will Be Found,” benefiting the “March for Our Lives” anti-gun violence movement.

Signed to Atlantic Records by Chairman and C.E.O. Craig Kallman and President of A&R Pete Ganbarg, he explored his formative influences, ranging from timeless singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King to legendary crooners like Donny Hathaway, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder. As a result, the music delivers confessional lyricism by way of soulful intimacy as part of one cohesive narrative on his 2019 full-length debut, Sing To Me Instead. The 12-track album, which was primarily produced by Jenn Decilveo, chronicles the highs and lows of a transformative relationship. Showcasing his story, Ben penned several songs solo and co-wrote the remainder of material alongside the likes of Ben Abraham, Eg White, Nate Cyphert, Michael Pollack, and more.

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34 thoughts on “Ben Platt – Grow As We Go [Official Video]”

  1. To the 2020-2021 seniors. Congrats on graduating! You went through a rough year but you powered through.

  2. I live in Japan and somehow I discovered this song today. That woman in the video is me. I could reflect my sadness because of this song. Thank you Ben, I love your voice and kindness.

  3. Not only did I want to grow as we go with her, I also wanted to grow old with her. The river sometimes splits and so does your heart. It’s all feelings I can write as a comment but my human default settings would never be able to say them out loud because I can grasp a breath to remind me my heart is still broken :/ but this song hits the spot… amazing

  4. Love the cinematic journey and storyline Ben gave us with Bad Habit, Ease my mind and Grow as we go!! ♡

  5. Baybeh…laws, I prolly already typed it…but THIS ain't no artifice! This is TESTIMONY, y'all! Oh, my word—AIN'T NO WAY that chyle ain't tellin' us the TRUTH! (THAT BOY WAS READY, WILLING, and ABLE TO LOVE…and not at all too proud to beg. Selah.)

  6. It's literally impossible to watch this and not cry…just beautiful. His real emotion is felt so powerfully from the very first second.

  7. I just discovered your music when I saw your performance on the voice, you're amazing dude I love your voice I can't stop listening to your music

  8. I love this song then it ends and do you want to guess what ad it gave me the dear even hanson trailer lol

  9. My ex and I loved this song. I always told him let’s grow as we go. But he left me saying he needed to grow by himself. It’s been months now and I found out he’s still the same guy I dated. And I grew a lot after the relationship. I learned some people never want to grow. They keep making excuses instead of looking for results.

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