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Essential Hiring Practices: How To Screen Job Applicants With The Best Background Check Service In The Industry

The footwork is done, the job is posted, and applicant inquiries and resumes are pouring in. You are at a loss. What are you to do with this mountain of resumes and sea of employment candidates?

First things first, here’s how to Screen Job Applicants
Your first step is to determine who actually qualifies as a job applicant. If this is the first employee you are hiring, labeling persons as applicants is pretty straightforward: anyone who applies is considered an applicant.

However, if you currently have fifteen or more employees, the EEOC requires you to keep all records of all applicants for a full year. In the interest of reducing paperwork and file maintenance, determining who is officially considered an applicant and who doesnt make the cut becomes far more important.

Next, decide how you plan to respond to applicants. Good business practice dictates the courtesy of a response for all applicants, even if you decide they are not suited for your position with a denial letter.

Outline the types of information you require from job applicants and what vehicle you will use to get it. Are you most comfortable comparing standard job applications designed by you or a staff member, or do you prefer to let applicants speak for themselves through resumes?

What additional application materials could enhance resumes and applications?

Once you have identified qualified applicants through prescreening, use to verify their credentials and reliability.

Our thorough best background check service will assure you that the applicants have a history that supports their applications and resume.

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