BEST Tips to Speed Up USCIS Processing For FREE!!!

Learn how to speed up the processing of your USCIS application for FREE using these BEST tips.


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30 thoughts on “BEST Tips to Speed Up USCIS Processing For FREE!!!”

  1. clotilda dsouza says:

    Great video, I have a question. Does 1 need to have a case number before contacting the congressman?

  2. Elodie Casimir says:

    What if your case in at the NVC?

  3. Selin SECKIN says:

    Hi thank you for the information it helped me!

  4. Ana Covic says:

    If I moved away to different state than my university, (my mailing address in I-765 is then the new one) – which congressman to contact? The one where Uni is located, or where I am located

  5. YHR Nerway says:

    One of the best videos on YouTube lol everything I was looking for! I have a question though, can I use these steps for my husband naturalization process? We file in a couple weeks but I wanted to get as much info as possible.

  6. Parvin Jabiyeva says:

    very useful! thanks

  7. Tia dee Adams says:

    Thank you very much

  8. Cocinando Con Richard says:

    Hello, i sent in my wife petition on Nov 2020 i am a us citizen and my wife lives in central america do you know how long will the process take? Do you think she will have her visa by Dec 2021?

  9. Nora E.H. says:

    Thanks for your video. I’m waiting for my waiver, initially the processing time was 13
    months. But they keep adding more time to and the waiting time now is 30 months, so frustrating (at Potomac service center). The website says an inquiry request is only possible if your date of submission has been passed. Do you have any tips?

  10. Jr Santo says:

    Thanks for this video

  11. Princess says:

    Any suggestions so check it out first time they said they lost the paperwork second time which is now I refiled in January I did a tracking they received it but still no receipt number I am doing it i-130 talking to people what USCIS is usedless keep up the good work

  12. Princess says:

    I also did lockbox email no luck

  13. Claudia Gonzalez says:

    my citizenship case is at NBC. What then?

  14. Sachin Mainkar says:

    Fantastic video. Most helpful. Great work. Well done. Thank you Sir !

  15. Juan Lora says:

    can i used this steps for my case i130, in nvc

  16. Nylan Star says:

    Thank you. Can we request an expedite now? its been 6 months since the day they received our application. 🙁

  17. Ai'BuNny Aya says:

    Thank you so much! I will be contacting my lawyer and ask him about these requests. I am tired of them telling me I have to be patient and that there is nothing else we can do but to just sit around and wait.

  18. g says:

    I didnt get my filing receipt can i get information about my case?

  19. Takako O says:

    Thank you so much. This is really helpful. I really appreciate it.

  20. Taya Shavers says:

    Hi, I've a beneficiary.

    Been waiting for 2 years of my approval from California Service Center. (Form I-130, unmarried child over 21 of US citizen) F1

  21. Diego Slinger says:

    Excellent info! I am gonna go this way – ask a congressman to help with my political asylum case in USCIS. I have been waiting for a decision on the case for two years already. Has anybody had such an experience? Thx, guys. Cheers

  22. Semere Gebre says:

    Thanks about the information

  23. crisian Polanco says:

    I’ve been checking on my status every single day and since Monday saids your N-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance and I remember it said your processing time is two months and show me that is waiting for biometric appointment. What can I do ?

  24. Naturally Danni says:

    Our congressman passed away earlier this year. They have not filled his seat yet and no word on when they plan to host an election to do so. I filed my petition on 04/20/21 but my husband lives in a crime ridden country and he already has been robbed twice. The police are corrupt also. I’m trying to get his case expedited ASAP! I fear for his safety. Any recommendations would be helpful.

  25. Aalok.pramila Vidyarthi says:

    This what you have done is really really very nice, other videos are just putting what is written on the USCIS site, which has no help.
    Can you please help me with some advice. I am on L2 dependent visa and EAD. My application was received at USCIS in Oct 2020. I also have completed my biometric along with my kids in Nov. the case status shows fingerprints updated only for me nothing on kids, but since then have no response/update. My last date of EAD was 26th March as it’s connected with the visa. I lost my job because of it. My company says get your papers first. The NJ DMV is not giving me license on the basis of my i-797C Notice of action. They have their own rules which is not right . I can’t drive, I am stuck from everything everywhere.

  26. Charlotte Ouyang says:

    Do I have to have certain reasons to reach out the congressman( like the case has been delayed), or I could request to speed it up at the beginning without any reason?

  27. God’s Plan says:

    I can’t hear your voice, what’s the reason?

  28. Ubh Mu says:

    Hi bro I applied my n400 on april 2020 now it's 13 months and still waiting my. Interview I call uscis every months nothing is caming can I hire lawyer to process my case faster or do I have to wait them

  29. Sojourning Scholar says:

    Check out our blog post on 7 Best Ways of Speeding Up Your Immigration Case:

  30. gopoland3 says:

    Thank you

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