BIGGEST mistake NEW signing agents make!!

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One of the biggest mistakes I see a brand new signing agent make is getting a background check too early in the process. Because doing so is literally throwing money away.

The reason it’s a mistake to get the background check too early is because you have to renew it every 12 months. And if you start by getting your background check before you’re even close to getting loan signings, you’re literally throwing money away!

It’s like paying for car insurance several months before you even have a car to drive!

So, let’s say it takes 3 months to get your notary commission. Or if you already have your notary commission, let’s say it takes 3 months to figure out how to get your first signing. In either case, by getting your background check too early, you just wasted 3 months of time and you’ll need to spend money to renew it again in just 9 short months!

That is the mistake steps most new notary signing agents make.

Understand whether you know how to get Loan signings or not the clock starts ticking on the background check the moment it comes back cleared.

Learn the marketing, get background second. Once again, if the certification has to be renewed on a yearly basis, you are throwing money away if you dont have a business plan first!

Everything else second!

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29 thoughts on “BIGGEST mistake NEW signing agents make!!”

  1. Can I have success as a mobile signing agent by only meeting up in public places to do the signings. I don’t want to go inside people homes?

  2. Hey I have a quick question. So in Nebraska it turns out that 98% of escrow officers have in house notarys. Is this the same in California?

  3. Hey Mark. Where would I find your company as a California state-approved vendor? I looked up "How to become a Notary Public in California" in the link:

    Which directed me to this link:

    I could not locate your business name. However, I could be confused that you do not provide training for Notary Public. Does your course and training focuses solely on becoming Loan Signing Agent?

  4. Hey Mark. I’m in an attorney state (South Carolina), so is it possible to get much business here as a signing agent? I felt really discouraged after learning about the escrow states vs attorney states lol.

  5. So to be clear, I should take the course before I start the process of getting my license? Becoming a notary is a new idea for me, so some guidance on where I should start would be very helpful.

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the info. I would like to know if this is a good venture for retirees? I'm 57 and will be retiring soon. I am not a notary. Also is a pre-requisite for a loan signing agent require having an excellent credit rating?

  7. Mark. Do you recommend looking for work at a company that hires notary signing agents to begin with? Or take your course and go straight out there and find the signings yourself? Thanks.

  8. I would share that if you're not even sure that you're going to pass a background check wouldn't it make sense to get the background check to see if you're going to be able to even get involved in the industry. Otherwise you buy the marketing program then you've wasted all of your money just on learning how to do something that you're not going to even be able to do because of your background.

  9. I am moving in a few weeks and I just ordered my stamp but my address will change, does that matter?

  10. Hi Mark.i heard u have to become an active notary public for a year to become a signing agent is that right

  11. While I see what you mean, I was a little surprised ("shocked" would be a better word, actually) that I passed the state notary background check at all and wanted to pass the NNA one just to be on the safe side. I'm willing to be out a few dollars for peace of mind. Waiting as you describe is probably best for most people who have little or nothing to worry about though.

  12. Does anyone know if a criminal record will prevent you from becoming a notary or signing agent?…If so what offenses get an applicant flagged?…

  13. I don’t have anything on my criminal background but I do have things on my driving record……. so I don’t want to spend money on a training course if I don’t qualify!!!!!

  14. What if you fail the background screening thru nna due to driving violations? I paid for everything and now they are saying I can't be a signing agent

  15. Hi Mark, I would like to know what are all the cost for your program and the tools I will need to become a notary/signing agent???

  16. So how long does it take to clear a background ground check even if you’re squeaky clean? If I’m aggressively marketing my LS availability and skills (operative word here is availability), lol, how would I answer the question if a prospective escrow or title company representative straight up asks me if my background is clean? I don’t want this to be a deal killer as a first impression. Are they willing to give you a second look after you’ve met all of their criteria?

  17. Thanks for another great video! Question: after packaging the signed documents, who covers the cost of FedEx to return the forms to the lender/agent? Is it prepaid by the agency or absorbed by the notary?

  18. Thanks for the info. I would challenge the timing on getting a background check done. IF your background is questionableb and you think you might fail, I would get the background done first, because if it doesn't come back clean, you will have saved time, money, and will not have to deal with as much disappointment.

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